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Blaze9293134d ago

Yeah I could totally see this game using the Motion Controls.

sunnygrg3134d ago

I didn't but I am amused. And glad that the motion control playability will be possible after just a patch.

Blaze9293134d ago

yeah unlike some games...Resident Evil 5

Madusha3134d ago

That will be sweet. LBP will be so much better with motion controls, pull the controller up to jump. This is gonna be so awesome, can't wait to see motion control for other games.

Imagine shooters, move the controller around to aim, X to fire : 0

The Great Melon3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I don't know if LittleBigPlanet will play better with the new controls. Some games like Resident Evile 5 are just asking for the wand. The pop it bubble will easily be better, but movement of the character might be hindered. Either way I will definitely try it out and see what works best.

EDIT: Is there and analog on the motion controller or do you use it in conjunction with a dualshock?

dreamcast3134d ago

Reminds me of the wizard in trine.. which is a good thing.

The wand would also be useful in create mode.

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leeger3134d ago

apparently its nothing more than point and click, which is lame imo

Sarcasm3134d ago

considering they are using it on an already released game is still good news.

Cant wait to see some FPS's with the controller.

N4GAddict3134d ago

They should allow you to use it on create mode.

Raoh3134d ago

not a new game will just need a patch..

go get em sony..

Blow Out Your Brains3134d ago

LittleBigPlanet is the best game this gen.

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