Gran Turismo 5 Modes Revealed

Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi revealed model details on the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3. During Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2009 press conference, the following modes and features were revealed:

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Snoogins3161d ago

lol I hope you do your own laundry, Luka.

I hope they'll add interior and damage to all cars with the time they have until March 2010. If that happens, I'll do more than cream in my pants.

Noctis Aftermath3161d ago

Come on online 24hr(full 24hour duration) nurburgring races!

kapedkrusader3161d ago looks like there is no wind-shield or windows. Is it just me?

ZBlacktt3161d ago

We will have no lives come late 2009 all 2010 with the AAA games on the PS3.

Maddens Raiders3161d ago

funny, but it really is quite daunting if you think about it. GT5 will pack a massive punch & they always have - I still haven't gotten 100% complete on GT4.

villevalorox3161d ago

That sucks it's not set for 2010 :( .. But least they have time to add and refine everything :D .. I really hope they do add damage to all the cars, although I do not think that would be enough time :( too many.. But OMFG I can not wait!!! I just hope the sales are amazing as they should be. I mean with it releasing just a few months past Xmas is gunna do some kinda hit on their sales :( .. But it's march ye? Is that not the same month GOWIII comes out? Going to be a crazy ass month :D .. :D OMFG!!! :( i really need a job :( .. haha too many games coming out! XD

LinuxGuru3161d ago

Gran Turismo 5 + God of War III is going to bring a record amount of sales for Sony in March of 2010.

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The story is too old to be commented.