Final Fantasy VIII released on Japanese PSN

Examiner: During their press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed that Final Fantasy VIII is now available to download on the Japanese Playstation Store.

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Autolycus883007d ago

I hope this makes it to the U.S. store. All I've had of it all these years was that pizza hut demo from back in the day.

Noctis3007d ago

haha i still remember getting that pizza hut demo back when i was 7 years and i loved it (:

Marceles3007d ago

yeah I hope it comes to the US too, I'd love to have them all on my hard drive

Autolycus883007d ago

I'm a collector of Psone titles and having them digitally available saves a lot of headaches and cash.

calis3007d ago

wish ANY of these came to Aussie PSN, we get screwed bad.

ThanatosDMC3007d ago

My favorite Final Fantasy game!

gerol3007d ago

thank God ive been praying for this to happen... thank u. :D

ReservoirDog3163007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I got that pizza hut demo too. I loved those. One of them even introduced me to MGS and Crash Bandicoot. God, I owe pizza hut sooo much.

On topic, I hope it comes here. I never got to play VIII.

FACTUAL evidence3007d ago

this is like my favorite FF game screw 7!! plz oh plz i hope this game comes to the us store in the next month or 2!

SaiyanFury3007d ago

I loved FFVII. It's a great game but FF8 was my favourite on the platform. FF Tactics just came out, and it's awesome. If I can get FF8 on my PSP, I'll love it even more.

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Gamer60563007d ago

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!*gets heart attack*

Chewy1023006d ago

Guy 1: (pokes with a stick) I think he's dead.

Guy 2: He can't be, he didn't fade away.

Guy 1: WTF are you talking about?

rhood0223007d ago

All I need is 8,9 and Chrono Cross to come to the US and I can finally retire my PS One collection.

Pretty much every other PS One game I owned is on PSN (and now on my PSP).

SpaceSquirrel3007d ago

Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Parasite Eve 1 + 2, etc

Meryl3007d ago

oooh yes, i wonder how many month we have to wait before us europeans get it lol

calis3007d ago

I'm still waiting on Metal Gear and Resident Evil.

N4GAddict3007d ago

I hope they don't wait until ff13 release in US.

Eventine3007d ago

Having a psp go with 16 gigs of space built in is looking more appealing than ever for me.

Autolycus883007d ago

If I decide to pick up another PSP or the Go I'll definitely load it up with some classics.

kraze073007d ago

Same for me, but I'm still not sure about that price.

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The story is too old to be commented.