Gran Turismo 5 to support Youtube uploading

Examiner: During their press conference at the Tokyo Game Show Sony revealed that Gran Turismo 5 will support the ability to upload replay videos to Youtube.

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TrevorPhillips3220d ago

Wow this game comes with a whole lot of package. :)

Blasphemy3220d ago

Yeah this is going to be sweet.

N4GAddict3220d ago

too bad we had to wait til march

redgaurd3220d ago

Ive never wanted March to come quicker.

rajman3220d ago

I hope we are able to upload them in HD....if obviously playing on a HD TV! That would be a killer

peeps3220d ago

could be a problem with file size though. doesn't youtube have a limit?

TrevorPhillips3220d ago

It would be a real killer, and bubbles for you. :)

N4G king3220d ago

now thats true next gen

Sunny_D3220d ago

Nice, You guys are going to love my machinima movies for Gran turismo! Oh boy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.