GameSpot: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Hands-on

GameSpot writes: "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is scheduled for release in 2010. We'll be interested to see how the controls change between now and then since it seems as though Kojima Productions isn't completely sold on the current setup. Indeed, making Snake move around isn't so much of a problem as it is just the camera and trying to position it properly while just moving around and aiming. Based on our extremely brief time with the game, it almost feels like you have to constantly stop and adjust the camera as opposed to moving it on the fly to give you a better perspective of the immediate area. The same goes for aiming--it just feels we're going to need to take some extra time with it to feel completely comfortable. But even at this stage, the game looks great and the co-op certainly adds a new dynamic. We'll have much more on Peace Walker in the near future".

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