TGS '09: Final Fantasy XIV trailer is gorgeous

SCRAWL: "Square Enix has released the trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 3 and PC MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV today during the Tokyo Game Show currently going down in Japan. The trailer mixes in gameplay visuals with CG and tells its story remarkably. It's a must watch for RPG and MMORPG fans."

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Immortal Kaim3166d ago

Cool. Looks surprisingly good for an MMO. I'm interested in finding out how they plan to eliminate the hardcore grinding without taking away from the scope of the game.

SubZero3166d ago

Man my life is over. Cant wait beta please!!!!!

Dragun6193166d ago

All I'm gonna say is Nobuo Uematsu IS BACK!

mxdan3166d ago

Awesome! This game looks surprisingly good.

Anyone hear anything about FF13 Versus?

RememberThe3573166d ago

What am I missing? I sounds so good!

The Great Melon3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

This looks nice. I might finally try an mmo when this comes out. Nothing has ever really appealed to me before. I actually almost got FF XI, but found out it had a monthly fee long ago when it first came out on the ps2. Funny that the next mmo I look at is its spiritual sequel.

Only heard that there was some gameplay shown from FFvXIII. No videos yet have been posted as far as I know.

ThanatosDMC3166d ago

Sorry but i aint buying CGI $h!t till i see in-game graphics, gameplay, etc. People should learn better. Everyone remembers how disappointing that Star Wars CGI movie compared to the real game, remember?

Tony P3166d ago

Some of that was in-game. Before this trailer though, they showed FFXIV in play at Leipzig or Gamescon or w/e:

ThanatosDMC3166d ago

Thanks! Damn, if only a Monster Hunter game was like this... open world with creatures roaming about and no zone loading... Just no pop-ups though and also longer view distance. It'd be amazing.

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chidori6663166d ago

already better tnah ff13...

Mantiz3166d ago

I cannot wait my social life probably ends IRL after this releases lol

3sq3166d ago

Do not want it but I'd love to buy the soundtrack. It's Nobou Uematsu after all.

JL3166d ago

Agreed. The soundtrack sounds very nice. Even the trailer looks absolutely beautiful. But I won't even be considering getting this game with it being an MMO.

coolfool3166d ago

it feel more like the Final Fantasy of old with Uematsu behind the musical wheel. it just feels more.......right.

Blasphemy3166d ago

Trailer not that good IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.