TGS: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

Sony's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference Starts at 9:30PM PT / 12:30AM ET. Here's a liveblog bringing you all of the updates and info about new games.

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Timesplitter143219d ago

Brace for impact


rockleex3218d ago

Motion controls for existing games.

Video and Music download services for Japan.

White Knight Chronicles 2.

3218d ago
Christopher3219d ago

LBP + motion controllers without having to buy a new game. Definitely a good start to utilizing the new controllers.

Don't like that you'll have to buy an 'alternate' version of RE5 rather than having the option to patch in the new control scheme and switch to them with your current version.

chaosatom3219d ago

what do u mean???

I haven't watched the conference. what's the link.

when are the motion controllers coming? I can't wait that long to buy lbp.

Christopher3219d ago

Go to the story link and review the event log. He mentions LBP using the motion controllers and that they will patch the functionality into the game rather than forcing you to buy a new version of it.

Sprint 2010 is still the set street date for the motion controllers, though. Likely March.

JL3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

All in all I think I got to say the press conference was actually pretty disappointing from what I've now read from a couple live blogs. No news that really wowed me. And I expected alot more from them with them being at home too.

Maybe I missed something, but....where were the new game announcements? The only thing I saw was White Knight Chronicles 2 (That was actually officially announced a couple days ago wasn't it? Just got a trailer with the presser).

I'm still a lil disappointed in this, I'd figure in their home town they would reveal quite a bit. Then again I guess there was some other news that doesn't register on my radar because it was solely for the Japanese market.

--Though I do now realize I missed a couple things. Yakuza 4 being announced (doesn't really effect me, hell we don't even have 3 over here yet).
--Like I said before they showed WKC2 (but I'm still pretty sure I saw that confirmed a couple days ago or yesterday or something). The addition of voice chat on WKC doesn't much get me excited at all really.
--Atelier Rorona is coming to NA? Don't care about either. Don't even know what the game is. And taking a quick glance at it now as I type this it appears to be just another mediocre JRPG.
--Dynasty Warriors Online? That means MMO game? Then definitely pass. And Dynasty Warriors has never looked that appealing to me either. None of the games have had any real critical success.
--Of course we did get a release date for GT5 which is nice and new info on that game, so that's a definite plus there.
--Other than that we get news that a few existing games will get motion control implemented. Big whoop really. Doesn't seem that appealing. And it's not something that pushes me on motion control. Want to push me on motion controls, show me games that were made for it and not just patched in later.

So, really just GT5 news that really stood out. (I guess the Japanese are also enjoying the announcement of that FF bundle). Nothing to really wow though. And the only new games that were announced were some mediocre ones. Though I guess you can say Yakuza 4, but SEGA said they'd be revealing that at TGS a few days ago.

I guess basically, this was just not as good a show as say E3 or even Gamescom. And I really expected it to be with it being their hometown. Not that Sony doesn't have PLENTY already in the pipelines, cause lord knows they do. Just I figured this would be a premier showing of theirs, yet it got largely outdone by GamesCom and E3. But oh well, got more than enough coming as it is.

Miss Goblin3218d ago

And Microsoft or Nintendo are offering more?

lowcarb3218d ago

I think his comment is fair and is in know way attacking Sony. Why you bring up ms and nintendo just doesn't make sense.

TOO PAWNED3218d ago

miss goblin

Thats not the point, old Sony(PS1 and PS2) was going for a kill on EVERY single event, every press conference they had there were NEW games, awesome games. Sony dominated old TGSs with new interesting games, that is why they were so dominant.
Last nights keynote and SCEJ press use nice language...underwhelming.
THere was nothing there that really stood out. Motion control games? RE5 and LBP add ons? Really, really? Where are games we saw in GDC videos? I want to see that, now!
Where are JRPGS? First party Jrpgs? WKC2 and that's it!? Lets hope we get it by 2012.
Look i am Sony fan but i don't have my head stuck you know where, they did poor job i expected Jrpgs from Sony (FINALLY) but nope.

Venatus-Deus3218d ago

You probably will not get any new game announcements for a while. Too many games got delayed and both Sony and MS likely to keep us focused on the games coming for the rest of this and for the first six months of next year. I guess its “marketing 101” and it works for me.

Again Too Pawned... you are romancing about the past. No they didn’t and you should remember that we haven’t forgotten you and siligon lovefest. Like I said in another post... you were his number 1 fan and therefore you lack all credibility.

And on another note... all the games they did announce are a big deal in Japan. I bet there is a forum post in Japanese saying that E3 this year was crap.

TOO PAWNED3218d ago


You are and idiot. You talk about credibility? What has that to do with my post?! My post was 100% my opinion and facts from the past. You either have some complex that i put into you while you had your old account(i can see that this one is new) or something else.
BTW i was never Silogons fan or what ever you said now and before, i did enjoy reading Gamesblow "rumors" but that's it. I barely know anything on Silogon(i guess you do more than I), and no i never performed oral sex on him as you said in your old comment, that i ignored because it was juvenile, just like this one.
I guess i owned you again?

Venatus-Deus3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I read countless posts from you saying “I believe you” and “you’ll prove them wrong” so yes you were his number one fan. Your facts were/are wrong and of course you didn’t perform a sex act of Siligon. That was a figure of speech.

Yes I am an idiot, but you know simply nothing about the games industry, which is why you believed these games that Gamesblow (same person as siligon) and trashed everybody who said otherwise (which didn't include me). One account only baby!!!!

The only thing you own is your momma’s virginity

Your four accounts all disagree with me so far :-)

mrdxpr23218d ago

this is the Tokio game show not the please americans game show .... they anounce things for the people in tokio, japan and so on and if they happen to show something for the us be happy atleast we all know that LBP will have motion controls and RE5 2 :) ... im happy to know that already there are developers working with motion control

JL3218d ago

Quit being a fanboy/troll. Seriously. Not everything Sony does has to be considered golden. I'm not in any way attacking Sony here and I'm SURE AS HELL not bringing up MS or Nintendo and implying they just owned Sony there or something. Not at all, in fact I never mentioned the two. Quite honestly, I don't care about those two. The only system I own and will ever own this gen is the PS3, so I really have no need to make a point to keep up with the other consoles' news.

That being said, I don't see how anything I said was inappropriate or was bashing in any way really. All I said was I was a bit disappointed at the wow factor of the conference. I expected a bigger splash than we saw at either of the other two big conferences this year. Of course, part of that blame lies on me I guess for raising my expectations. But we didn't get much new from this conference.

@ Venatus
I understand. Yes, there are tons of games already coming. And I agree with the tactic of trying not to reveal games too early anymore. However, what I'm saying is more along the lines of this: If they had no more games to reveal for TGS, then why didn't they wait and hold back some from E3 and GamesCom that they could've revealed at TGS instead to sort of "distribute the wealth". Quite honestly, Last Guardian would've been perfect to hold back and reveal at TGS.

Yes, I realize it's a Tokyo game show, so the target audience is the Japanese. I'm not an idiot. It would be ignorant to think otherwise. But really what big news did the Japanese get from this conference? There was nothing much new that came out to really wow even the natives that I see. For the games: Yes the whole GT presentation seemed pretty awesome, so that was some cool news, plus we finally get a date (or at least Japan does). Other than that, what was there? You can't count even count Yakuza 4 and WKC2 as reveals either. WKC2 was officially announced days before, and Yakuza4 was confirmed a couple days before as well. So that leaves only Dynasty Warriors Online and the Atelier game. Both of which (as far as critical reception) are fairly mediocre franchises. Though it does seem the last Atelier game was pretty popular (which I didn't know at the time). So maybe that's good news for them and it's pretty big...? Beyond that they had motion control. But to show off motion control they showed it with already existing games? That doesn't appeal to me at all. It seems like they did this to show that the motion control wasn't just for gimmicky games and could work on real games too (that "hardcore gamers" would like). However, if they wanted to illustrate that point, let's see some actual games developers are working on. Not just previews of patches for existing games that will throw in motion control as a gimmick to use with the game.

Then there was nothing much after that. PSP Home? Cool, especially since they're a portable gaming nation...but was it really that big of a wow? It was cool though. Then they get digital comic books, the video/music store news. Get a FF bundle.

All in all, what I'm saying is this: There were several cool news bits (for the Japanese to enjoy at least---like the services),all kinda B-grade material. There were none of those showstopper announcements really that I saw at GamesCom or E3. The biggest news as a whole was the GT5 news, in my opinion. Which was good, just not a huge wow moment.

Honestly, I just thought TGS was supposed to be THE show for Sony. I didn't figure among TGS, E3 and Gamescom, that TGS would be the least eventful. Especially not in comparison to Gamescom being that that conference was sort of the "new kid on the block" thing. It's always supposed to be E3 and TGS being the absolutely biggest. Yet here TGS gets upstaged by Gamescom. So...not a big conference, just underwhelming in comparison to what I expected.

I will say though I haven't gotten around to watching all the new trailers so I'll have to get around to finishing up seeing all those. But those aren't going to be anything to make me change my mind. New trailers of already known games just don't provide that wow factor that I expected at TGS but that never came.

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Pizzagaki3218d ago

Aterlier Rorona still the only thing i want that is on the ps3.
O well, theres plenty of atelier games on other systems.

The rest Sony can keep, boring games.

3218d ago