EA NZ comments on Left 4 Dead 2 situation

Game Console writes: "With Left 4 Dead 2 refused classification in Australia, EA New Zealand has commented as to whether or not this will affect the game's New Zealand release."

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Madusha3248d ago

Hope they allow it, I really want to get my hands on L4D2. The first one wasn't the best but this one looks a lot better.

Noctis Aftermath3247d ago

There wouldn't be any problems if the prude old fart in SA would hurry up and die.

Nihilism3247d ago

i own gta IV and i didn't know it was censored, i suppose it's lucky then that it was a crap came, nothing to miss out on

electricshadow3247d ago

I hope they get it still. It looks to be an awesome game. Can't they just download it over Steam still?