Opinion: Wii's Lock on Motion Control Will Be Tough to Overcome

IndustryGamers writes:

"Since the Wii's launch nearly three years ago, it's set records for home console penetration rates and helped make Nintendo one of the most profitable companies in the world. The platform's received widespread acclaim from people outside of the gaming industry and has been embraced by so-called "non-gamers" – an impressive feat for a gaming console. Nintendo has been more successful than most fanboys, analysts, industry pundits and even Nintendo execs thought possible.

Nintendo has placed themselves in such a strong position this generation that it's going to be very hard to take them head on in the motion controlling field. Sony and Microsoft are going to give it a shot with their own cameras/controllers next year, but we feel the odds are stacked against them."

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morganfell3253d ago

Absolutely because we all know the staying power of dog crap when it is stuck to the soles of your shoes.

If all you have going is a control scheme then your games are still crap. The Wii is a glorified Gamecube and the longevity of the casual gamer is fading.

Goomba123253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

wow Morganfell,

You really know your gaming history. Wasn't it EA who came crawling back to the NES after dismissing it for being to casual and went pc gaming......then oh no. PC gaming crashed.

Casuals will always be more powerful in terms of sales than core.

The only dog crap around here is your post, that and the fact that Nintendo is changing the shape of Sony and Microsoft's business plans.

"If all you have going is dumbed down pc games then your games are still crap."


Product3253d ago

People keep thinking that motion controls are the biggest reason why Nintendo has captured the nongamer. It goes way past that.