Diehard GameFAN: NHL '10 Review (360)

Every year, starting in July and ending in October, is the big sports game rush. For most so-called "hardcore" gamers, this is something they pooh-pooh while wearing a beret coloured like Mario's hat and whistling on a flute shaped like the one in the original Legend of Zelda. For a sports freak, it's basically your holiday season. Unlike Christmas – or even eight-day long Hannukah – their holiday season lasts almost three good months. The season starts slowly, with NCAA Football, NASCAR and Tiger Woods in July, building up to what is essentially the Christmas of our little holiday, the Madden release which is celebrated by all. This heads into the NHL '10 release – our Boxing Day – and ends with the fortuitous releases of the NBA games. If you want to extend even farther, call the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer releases our Chinese New Year.

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