TGS: Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles South America Trailer

New trailer showing off the South America scenario in the Wii exclusive rail-shooter Resident Evil: DC.

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Product3252d ago

This actually looks pretty good.

TrevorPhillips3252d ago

Oh man why did I sell the wii i just made a mistake, this game is looking super amazing.

Product3252d ago

i regret selling my old consoles now that I'm older.

na-no-nai3252d ago

this is badass
gotta get this game way better than the 1st one graphically

Product3252d ago

I'm hoping way better than the first. Period!

DiffusionE3252d ago

This looks good. I didn't think this was a serious title, but damn I wish I had a Wii right

bigjclassic3252d ago

to all those without a Wii. (not real gamers are you??)
Anyways, Capcom should port RE5 to Wii, that would make fanboys cry.

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