Gran Turismo 5 Is 65% Complete, Apparently (But FFXIII Is Nearly Done)

So the official magazine you can pick up at the Tokyo Game Show not only lists every game on the floor, but some important details on those games. Like, how far they are from completion.

Now, note that these are just estimates, no doubt thrown together by publishers and the show's organisers to give people a rough idea how far off the games are. So they're not hard science.

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MattyF3250d ago

SCEJ has their conference coming up in a couple hours. I'm sure we'll hear about GT5 then.

poindat3250d ago

More like 20 minutes... Right?

Well either way, we're going to be hearing a lot about GT no doubt. Somehow I think it is a bit further along than this article wants us to believe.

MattyF3250d ago

Totally. GTPlanet said all they have left to do is some testing and that may be the remaining 35%. I think the game will release this yr, tho.

chaosatom3250d ago

lets hear this from gt guys themselves.

Kaneda3250d ago

I thought Producer said that GT5 is almost complete.. and they can release whenever they want.. but they want to time to refine it..

JonnyBadfinger3250d ago

even though im a 360 enthusiast and owner, the Grand Turismo franchise IS my favourite racing sim. I was looking forward to playing at my mates house come early 2010. but looks like thats still along way off.

Well when it does eventually release, they wont be able to compare it with Forza 3 since the game will be atleast a year old.

But seriously 65%!? thats either just a complete fabrication of the truth or they are just the slowest developers to grace the planet.

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saint_john_paul_ii3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

i guess we wont be seeing GT5 this year.

EDIT: well, only %35 is apparently needed to finish production. So we could see it this year at the end of December.

arsenal553250d ago

its an estimate.. polyphony didnt put this down. we will know in a couple hours I guess

sunil3250d ago

What happened to we can release it anytime? This seriously sucks !

TheBrit3250d ago

If 65% is done and thats over the course of several years what makes you think that 35% more will be done in 3 months.

Sony just announced GT5 wont be out until at least March of 2010

one shining star is Forza-3 is already done, Gone gold and can be in your hands Oct 28th in the U.S!

Narutone663250d ago

I would rather play with the PSP version of GT than that. But thanks for the competition which made GT5 a better game than ever.

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ReviewsArePolitics3250d ago

If we don't see GT5 this year, that's an EPIC FAIL. 65% only?????? What the hell are they doing? But if that means ALL CARS will have damage and that GT5 will 1up every other racing game in every feature possible, then I could deal with that. I doubt they will though...

MKV3250d ago

What happen to "we could release Gran Turismo any time"

dustgavin3250d ago

"Now, note that these are just estimates, no doubt thrown together by publishers and the show's organisers to give people a rough idea how far off the games are. So they're not hard science"

Take the time to actually read the article before commenting. ;)

Kleptic3250d ago

that was simply typical Japanese arrogance...I love PD, they make great games and definitely still 'own' that genre...but its always funny to hear big japanese developers/publishers saying how arrogant western devs are...then constantly shoot themselves in the foot...

the context of PD's statement may have been he possibly only meant that it could be released, but that it wouldn't be anywhere near what they wanted it to be yet...possibly just stating 'its already a top tier racer' or something...but yeah...just weeks later them saying how the damage modeling is 'very early' and that they would continue working with it; obviously states the game isn't as close to release as we were lead to believe...

1up's podcast around GDC still said they had 'confirmation of a major PS3 exclusive being released late in 2009'...and the hint for the title was Lee saying 'I can't wait to drive it' or something along those still maybe, but its not looking too bright if this is true...

ReviewsArePolitics3250d ago

I agree, I read that later. I hope these estimates are wrong.

dreamcast3250d ago

Honestly, I'm buying too many games this Fall, anyways... I wouldn't be upset if it got delayed.

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Noctis3250d ago

65%? hahahah
by the time gt5 releases, forza 4 will be out for the 720 ;)

WMW3250d ago

and it will still be better then forza 4

glennc3250d ago

so forza 4 is going to be worse than forza 3

dragonyght3250d ago

its being baked to perfection so im not worry

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