TGS 09: New Final Fantasy XIII Demo Video The Final Fantasy XIII demo from the Premiere Party is at TGS for the public to play and thankfully, someone has sneaked a camera into Square's booth bringing us a preview of a new FMV and some gameplay including Lightning and Hope.


Another new video of the demo featuring Snow gameplay has been uploaded.

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LordMarius3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Wow, it looks great..............for a JRPG

Vivi3130d ago

This vid is the one that doesnt work in the link.

Honestly thought the scene with Lightning talking was still CGI. Graphics are amazing.

Stark3130d ago

seems to be looking gud 2010 *sigh* too long of a wait -_- oh wellz

SonyEnthusiast3130d ago

Looks like the other video is a private one. :(

bpac1234567893130d ago

This will be the first final fantasy game i played since FFX. That game was a masterpiece and I hope this game can match or exceed it.

Noctis Aftermath3130d ago

one of the few things i disliked about X was that you couldn't walk on the world map, it was just "port to XX,YY" and i really really hope its not the same for this (it will be just cause i don't want it to).

ceedubya93130d ago

X and 8 were my favorite ones of the past. I know that they aren't unanimous favorites for the gaming public, but they are my favorites.

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The story is too old to be commented.