TGS 09: The PSN hosts 29 million accounts; LBP has some 2 million user-created levels

The PlayStation Network is a beast when it comes to online communities. Sony boss Kaz Hirai said today that there are some 29 million PSN accounts with some 600 million pieces of content downloaded.

Again showing off the effectiveness of the network, Hirai said that Media Molecule's hit LittleBigPlanet now has some 2 million user-generated stages. In case you are wondering, you'd have to spend about six hours a day for nearly 30 years to play every level.

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Simon_Brezhnev3219d ago

The average PS3 gamer is 28 so expect their kids to have a PSN account too. I bet the xbox fanboys still try to spin it

pixelsword3219d ago

...seeing that each account is free is a hard thing to laugh at.

ape0073219d ago

you now have everything nearly perfect except for 1 thing

PSN,don't get me wrong,psn is a solid online service but not like LIVE

not only cross game chat\invites and parties but a great fully featured gamercard that have the deep player status system which shows every little detail about what you exactly doing in any game and a lot of new avatars

if you combine those things above you simply get xbox live

those things above are the reasons why LIVE is so alive and have that special community feel to,those factor elevate your online experience

Simon_Brezhnev3219d ago

i dont really care about them stalking features