TGS '09: Direct-feed Yakuza 4 trailer hits the net

Forget that crappy, off-screen Yakuza 4 trailer we offered earlier. Instead, watch this direct-feed, four-minute long trailer that Sega has just uploaded to their YouTube account in celebration if the game's Tokyo Game Show reveal.

You'll see Kiryu and a bunch of other guys, all kicking ass and doing things that people in Yakuza video games do.

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user8586213075d ago

Yakuza 3 + 4 Frikin Sweet!!!! We have our shenmue :D

Gamer_Politics3075d ago

Sega just makes me upset....they waste money on this crap instead of bringing us Shenmue 3..

hulk_bash19873075d ago

over a gay boy looking for sailors any day, lol j/k. I actually enjoyed playing the Shenmue games. But Yakuza was also one of my faves back on the PS2.

Obama3075d ago

May be you are just sad that it is exclusive to the ps3.

fullmetal1563075d ago

it looked like a soap opera lol cant wait (hopefully itll come stateside fast)

Simon_Brezhnev3075d ago

hell i hope it comes to states fall 10 and yakuza 3 come in april or something hell i want this more then 3 now

Ravage273075d ago

that was awesome! Was never interested in any Yakuza games, but this trailer really piqued my curiosity!

hulk_bash19873075d ago

As if waiting for a localized version of Yakuza 3 wasn't hard enough. Now I gotta wait for this one, lol.

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