PSPgo to Have 700 Games at Launch

Using a strong network, the PSP go will be able to become very successful early on. Scheduled to launch on October 1st in North America, the PSP go will have a very large library of games available for purchase. Offering 700 downloadable titles when it hits America.

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Nitrowolf23075d ago

wow i wasn't even aware that there was that many psp titles

MattyF3075d ago

Could include some PSPMini titles, too. Maybe Sony is also counting PSOne classics.

nbsmatambo3075d ago

might b getting that PSPGo afterall

after just seeing the MGSPW demo OMG...

Blaze9293075d ago

wonder how many of those are actual PSP Games and not iPhone/iPod ports.

TrevorPhillips3075d ago

700 games woow didn't expect that.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Edit: why couldn't some random examiner blogger who is NOT at TGS link to his reference?

poo3429472947923075d ago

Even IGN says it

6:54: Now he's discussing the use of the PSP and PSP go as a network terminal. There will be 700 titles available for download when PSP go hits North America, and 400 when it hits Japan

link to it

firelogic3075d ago

Why would japan have 300 less when it launches a month later?

beardpapa3075d ago

Maybe because it's like the American and Jpn PSN stores. They have different content.

jams_shop3075d ago

Maybe that's a typo and it is suppose to be the other way around. Either way, everyone should be able to find something to play from all those titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.