TGS 09: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Test Gameplay Footage Previewed The Tokyo Game Show began today and although we were told otherwise beforehand, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has made an appearance.

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U-asked-for-it3131d ago

I thought this was gonna be a 2011 for sure but now there's hope for a 2010 release

Noctis Aftermath3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

what what what what what!?!

sorry my brain stuttered for a second, anyway hell yes! i'm glad to see some info on this, albeit small, it's info none the less, i envy the lucky bastards who get to see this.

Now if only one of those lucky bastards had a hidden camera on them and decided to upload the vid to youtube.....

@below: i believe it was gameplay footage shown in private, so its unlikely we will see it.

meepmoopmeep3131d ago

wait is this a gameplay footage or an actual public play test?

chaosatom3131d ago

i am sure there will be some phone cam footage. we will be seeing soon.

TheReaper423131d ago

I hope someone leaks a vid on youtube soon of the testing gameplay

ThanatosDMC3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

It might go to the 360 too. It's SE after all. I hope gameplay is like Kingdom Hearts with DMC action.

Gun_Senshi3131d ago

It will never go on X360, Nomura threatened Wada to leave company if he made his game Multiplatform

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chidori6663131d ago


finaly gameplay after 4 years of this game.

Noctis Aftermath3131d ago

I completely agree, i have faith in Nomura-Sensei and the direction he wants to go.

4 years? yeah it sucks, but it would suck even more if he rushed it.
Also ff13 is like GT5prologue, only meant to hold you off till the real game hits.

sabestar3131d ago

NOw that has me pumped. Wasn't even considering this will ever show up anytime soon. Hopefully we'll get more info and previews soon

The Great Melon3131d ago

AhHHHhhh finally this is the game I have waited for now for several years. Final Fantasy XIII will be good, but Versus is what I have been anticipating ever since I saw the trailer. I hope it controls well. If they nail that, I know the rest of the game will be fantastic.

Hope the footage finds its way onto the internet soon.

SonyEnthusiast3131d ago

I just hope someone brought a cam in there. :P

Crystallis3131d ago

Do you mean released date in 2010? This game is still a year away from release, plus the Japanese get the game first.

Da One3131d ago

this one is pegged for a WW release if my memory serves correct

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The story is too old to be commented.