Dragon Age: Origins Zevran Trailer And Screenshots

The Dragon Age: Origins website has been updated with another NPC profile. This time around it's Zevran, an assassin who sort of sounds like Antonio Banderas.

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TheLog3162d ago

This game is being outclass in every way by Witcher 2. Then again i doubt we'll see Witcher 2 anytime soon.

Panzerkanzler3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game! If Bioware was a man, and I a female, I'd have 1001 children with him. And they would all be called Dave. Seriously, I love Bioware almost as much as my mother.

EvilCackle3162d ago

I think "HK-47" would be a better name for those 1,001 kids.

Gamer_Politics3162d ago

no console gameplay means something isnt right about the 360/ps3 version....

moondragon3162d ago

and you have played withcer 2?