TGS 09: Here's What Sony's Motion Controller Looks Like Now

Patrick Klepek writes -

Sony did not reveal as many details about its upcoming motion controller at its Tokyo Game Show keynote address by Sony Comptuer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai, but Hirai did pull out an updated design for the controller from his pocket. We took a picture

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cellfluid3191d ago

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Kill Crow3191d ago

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cyborg69713191d ago

Douche bag alert look up.

jack_burt0n3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

4 live blogs and they were all so useless they did not say. from one pic def looks like it.

edit: maybe not.

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mistajeff3191d ago

I was hoping it'd be 2 controllers, each with an analog stick so characters could be moved around the way they are on a normal controller

shadow27973191d ago

For the RE5 demo, the guy was holding a DualShock 3 and a motion controller. That's a huge design flaw! How could Sony miss that? I don't want to hold a DualShock while using this, I might as well just use the freakin DualShock.

Add a stick before it's too late!

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Shendow3191d ago

As much as it is funny, that light on it helps the cam to pick it up an the colors can change for things going on in the game, but we don't even know if this is the true final design for it or not.

jack_burt0n3191d ago

u cant state the obvious like how does motion tracking work in low light you will offend ppl lol

crazy250003191d ago

Im really hoping they have some good games on launch! Thats what will convince me to buy it.

dp2774073191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

some tennis game from sega

sorry i thought it was sega thanks for the correction.

Christopher3191d ago

Actually, it's EA's tennis game that is hitting the Wii soon (or perhaps already has). EA is holding until the release of the PS3 motion controller and Natal for releasing it on the respective consoles.

crazy250003191d ago

Do yall know of any other games? Are they going to make a bunch of mini games like wii sports?

Christopher3191d ago

It's assumed so, but no word on what or when.

Xi3191d ago

that the first game people always make for new hardware is some form of pong, either table or real tennis?

Dir_en_grey3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

There are many games by Konami that is going to be in the arcades that uses similar tech:

Mocap Sports:

Castlevania The Arcade:

There's alos Action Deka which doesn't use the same type of tracking but could easily work w/ the Sony one:

Konami could easily port games like these over, most likely they will too.

FragMnTagM3191d ago

I liked the last one action deka or whatever. That would be pretty fun on the Wii, Natal, or PS3 motion controller with updated graphics of course. The visuals for that game are horrible as well as the animation, yet it still looks like fun. I like how the people fly when the finishing punch is thrown. The boss fight was hilarious.

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