Ain't It Cool News: Prince of Persia Movie Review

Ain't It Cool News writes: " After the film, the group was asked to raise their hands to see how many liked it, and of the 35, 30 or so raised their hands. I realize I am in the minority, but there were many families there who really enjoyed this movie. This is a movie with mass appeal, and if edited right could possibly be rated PG (there really is no violence and no swearing whatsoever). Most agreed that an 8 year old could see this film and not be troubled. Some 14 year old said it blew his mind. I just felt that I had seen this movie done better before other times and that they messed up the ending. 6/10".

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sinncross3100d ago

I have a feeling they may mess up this film, and i really do not want them to :(

gumgum993100d ago

I wonder if their are some homos looking at that avatar...

just a thought(I don't roll that way, so you know)>.>