Sony's First TGS Conference Wrap Up

Dustin @ PS3Center writes:

Today is TGS in Japan and Sony's keynote is already underway for a little while now. The first bit of info coming out of the press conference is written right below.

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Ron_Burgundy2918d ago

I hope the person that has that pic as there avatar comes here lol :P

Nitrowolf22918d ago

This half was boring, i hope sony shows the goods in the second half

mfwahwah2918d ago

This was a keynote. What the **** did you expect?

-x.Red.x-2918d ago

for SCEJ press conference

can't wait

TotalPS3Fanboy2918d ago

That one will be about games and exciting annoucements.

This one was just Kaz talking about strategy.

PROFIT2918d ago

well, hirai did say bluray doesnt help games.

lol, those cnet guys were right all along/s

Christopher2918d ago

Conference 1 is about business development.

Conference 2 is supposed to be more about new hardware and software.

guitarded772918d ago

The first conference was balls, the second should be good though since they got the crap out the way.

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thedisagreefairy2918d ago

a gt5 release date. i hope this doesnt mean its not coming out this holiday.

what do u guys think?

Snoogins2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

When praytell is the SCEJ conference?

Edit: Thanks guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.