Kaz Hirai: We changed the playstation logo to strengthen the brand

Gamesthirst writes: Giving the Keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony's front man spoke in depth about all things concerning playstation. He mentioned the importance of "network play" and also spoke about the company's history in the gaming industry. Kaz also had a few choice words about why they changed the Playstation logo. He said:

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NateNater3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Just like Obama brought change to strengthen America :P

But seriously this was a good change for Sony. It makes PS3 look fresh

ape0073248d ago

long time ago,I really hated the spiderman litters,I hate them,this is much much better and you know what,this new "ps3" will strike all past ps2 owners to get a ps3

the combination of slim,120 gb,at 299$ with the old logo is like a double barrel shotgun shot,that why you see sales rocketing

smart move sony,I now wish that I can change my ps3 fat litters

Saaking3248d ago

The PS brand is already immensely strong. This only makes it stronger.

cooldude1233248d ago

Excellent move, much nicer looking that the spidey thingy.

ape0073248d ago

spidy litters

I wish I can get rid of it on my fat ps3

firezone3248d ago

keeps both Microsoft and Sony on their toes. The only company not seems to care that much is Nintendo, but can you blame them? No way, they're making a killing, and although they should cater to the hardcore gamer more, it's impossible to ignore the base they've harnessed in the rough.

Gaming is great.

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