European PSN Video Service to Launch For All of Europe by Late 2010

PSInsider Writes: Starting this November, Sony will start rolling out it's PSN video download service, and says it will have reached all of the European territories by the end of 2010.

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jamesrocks31473223d ago

surely not late 2010 when they said at E3 late 2009.

vhero3223d ago

yeah it will start later this year no doubt UK will be among the first getting the service and the other countrys who got Vidzone will be among the first.

fr0sty3223d ago

I updated it to clarify. The European rollout starts in november, but will be finished by the end of next year for all of europe.

sabestar3223d ago

I can't believe Canada didn't get it yet. How come?

What's taking so long, I'm really looking forward to this and Vidzone.