The New Xbox 360 802.11n adapter gets a price, and the old 802.11g adapter gets a price cut

VGC writes: "360's New 802.11N WiFi adapter, (you know the one that has the ability to stream 1080p video, and is tied to Microsoft's upcoming Zune video store which will be updated into Xbox Live later down the road) will set you back $100.

Rumor has it that Microsoft will cut the price of the 802.11G WiFi adapter to $79.99."

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Simon_Brezhnev3251d ago

i have a serious question what is the point of 360 supporting 1080p if their consoles dont support HDMI anymore?

JOLLY13251d ago

What are you talking about. First off all 360's have a hdmi port. Secondly, you don't need hdmi for 1080p

Mr Brownstone743249d ago

no, jolly is right. the all 360's have HDMI support idiot. the elites just dont come with the HDMI cables anymore. and you can still get 1080p with the component cables, it is just easier with HDMI

albert_2753250d ago

Wow, that $100 price BS. I was hoping the price would drop so I won't have to use that giant LAN line from my living room to my gaming room.