Join ECA for Free, Get 10% Off Amazon Video Game Purchases writes:

"The Entertainment Consumers Association is a non profit association that represents consumers that play computer/video games. Member's typically join the ECA at $19.99 and ECA handles advocacy-related issues on behalf of gamers at the State and Federal Level, as well as acting like a AAA offering discounts back to it's members through out the year that they can use on gaming related products, event's, hotels and much more.

One of the big ECA Membership Benefits is 10% off Amazon video game purchases.

Right now, you can join the ECA for FREE (1 year) with coupon GIMAG.

Check out the full details..."

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sunnygrg3246d ago

Love it. I just saved $50 on my preorders for Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 2, Demon's Soul, FF13, FFVS13, NGS2, AC2, GOW3, GOW Collection :D
Not to mention the $3 discounts and the tax exclusions I get with amazon.

darkeva933246d ago

Is this a one time 10% coupon?

Commodore3246d ago

Nope, they continually have new codes you an use.