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swiftshot933344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

the megatons are incoming people. SCEJ's conference starts 10:30 EST. Very exciting!

On topic: Ill just post what I said in another thread:

I dont think people have been waiting to buy a wii. If they wanted one, they would have bought one already, like the 360. I think this is to stay competitive with the PS3 in the value per dollar aspect. Consumers see a wii, but for $50 (now $100) more, you can get the most High Def console, a blu-ray player, games people care about, and a large HDD serving as a media center.

Edit: Still overpriced

Edit 2: @ below: yes I have no problem, actually.However remember to see the real results we have to wait until Oct. because of course there will be big effects immediately, its the long term that counts

Edit 3: just read your name...lolz

nintendostar3344d ago

Are you willing to admit it if you're wrong when the results come in?

leeger3344d ago

even if the Wii sells 500M units. I still think it's a piece of trash and is a disgrace to the gaming industry. Nintendo focusing on casual gamers=FAIL.
Only Nintendo is benefiting from the Wii, I hope the Wii's success will backfire.

chaosatom3344d ago

360 and Wii are slashing prices quick.

WiiFit3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Go troll somewhere else

Edit:wasn't talking to you swiftidiot. i was replying to leeger

Sen Sei3344d ago

This price drop will send the PS3 back at number 3.

deadreckoning6663344d ago

Does anyone think this ill make a big difference in Wii sales?

swiftshot933344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

@ wiifit:
seriously? What did I say that wasnt reasonable? Looking at your name I dont feel the need to respond though.

@ Sen Sei:
LOL, because EVERYONE has been waiting for a wii price drop right? No, it'll get a temporary sales boost then go back to third place (where it belongs, lets face it the wii is one of if not the worst console of all time).

Edit: Can the person disagreeing please grow a pair and respond why?

Edit:' d you think of that one?
You're replying to comment #1, my comment. What else am I supposed to assume wiifool (see what I did there?)

Product3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I'll respond to you.

"Consumers see a wii, but for $50 (now $100) more, you can get the most High Def console, a blu-ray player, games people care about, and a large HDD serving as a media center."

Here are some facts for you. Over 35% of Wii owners are woman, you think they care about a bluray player,hd, or complicated control scheme?

Another huge demographic for the Wii would be children 12 and under. You think they care about the pc features the PS3 has?

The "core" on Wii probably makes up 10-20% of the user base, now they WILL care about Sony features such as an added bluray player, and HD. Although for the "core" player, a multi console solution makes a lot of sense. How many core gamers own both a PS3 and Xbox? Not as many of them who own the other combo, Wii/HD console.

For what it is worth, yes, it does matter that the Ps3 is $100 more now than the Wii to about 10-20% of the Wii potential user base, but for the other 80% including woman, children, middle age and senior demographics, Ps3 means jack sh!t because they are not going to buy it if they have never played video games before. Sony knows this or they wouldn't have created the motion "wand". The dual analog controller (Xbox, or Dual Shock) is a huge factor as to why the Ps3/Xbox don't hit as many demographics as the Wii.

Sarcasm3344d ago

OMG I've been waiting for a Wii Price cut since it launched because of all the amazing games and features it has! Oh wait, no I didn't.

Mahr3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

"for $50 (now $100) more, you can get... games people care about"

I don't think you can get Wii Fit on the PS3.

EvilTwin3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I'm with Product on this one. The Wii has already had an HD console undercut its price point for some time now. A console capable of HD graphics has done little to challenge Nintendo's sales. So what does that leave? The blu-ray player on the PS3 as an incentive? I just don't see that as a huge selling point. Techies will eat it up, but most consumers aren't like folks here at N4G. And I say that as someone considering a PS3, to boot.

leeger -- If a game console's success bothers you this much, you've got way too much time on your hands.

It's not like games like Twilight Princess or Metroid are for casuals -- Nintendo has produced their core franchises. I can't think of another console Nintendo has produced that will have two dedicated Marios, two Metroids, and two Zeldas.

But a more casual market DOES exist, and it would be stupid for a business to ignore it.

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v1c1ous3344d ago

from the top the top spot still :o

XxThe-RemedyXx3344d ago

YAAAAY!!! I'm still not buying it.

SKUD3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Still don't want it.

Gamer60563344d ago

Meh will wait till its 150. I am happy with my 360 and ps3.

V0LT3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

$199 is still way overpriced and I still believe to this day they faked shortages.

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