PS3 Slim Sold 1 Million Units in First 3 Weeks

During his Tokyo Game Show keynote, Kaz Hirai touched on the subject of PS3 Slim sales. After releasing the Slim worldwide during the first couple days of September, the Slim managed to sell 1 million units.

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joeyisback25853131d ago

cry xbots cry haha wait till sale data comes in

ultimolu3131d ago

I have buckets of tissues if they need them. ._.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3131d ago

If this was xBox 360 News it would be Top News on n4M$!!! ;-D

Good stuff tho;) More PS3's sold the better!!! ;-P

Ron_Burgundy3131d ago

# of brokebox 360s Halo RRoDst sold = 0

Simon_Brezhnev3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

i wonder who is going to get the award today for spinning.

Sony lying them numbers shipped not sold lmao

Shadow Flare3131d ago

No wonder microsoft were cacking their pants

FlatulentGhost3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Sony and Nintendo only report actual sales to consumers numbers.

Microsoft is the only one who still lies about sales by using shipped to retailer numbers.

Both Sony and Nintendo made an announcement in 2006 that fact. Sony just reiterated that fact when they announced they had kicked Microsoft into last place in Europe a month or two ago.

This is directly from Sony:

"We said we'd asked SCEE exactly how it did calculate its sales - and which territories it covered. A spokesman for the company has now responded as follows:

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail.""

morganfell3131d ago

Somebody is smarting over this one.

Sony reports numbers sold.

PimpDaddy3131d ago

Shipped is sold. If these consoles are shipped from the manufacuring plants to a retailer then they count as sold to Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo's bottom line.

All 3 console manufacturers do this. It's a common practice. None of them are better than the other. Please everyone stop spinning and complaining. 1 million PS3's sold in 3 weeks is impressive any way you slice it.

sonarus3131d ago

Pretty sure sony publicly stated they changed their policy to only report sold and not shipped sales...I don't know about Nintendo or Microsoft... regardless, 1 million shipped still corresponds with high demand so win win really

eagle213131d ago

Sony whooping 360 hard. :)

dolan3131d ago

So if Microsoft numbers include all the consoles that are sitting on the shelves all over the world and sitting in store warehouses, wonder what the real installed base of the 360 is? 29 or 30 million?

A million PS3s I think brings the worldwide installed base up to about 26 million.

That would certainly explain why we keep seeing these sales numbers from publishers showing the PS3 and 360 generating about equal revenue.

Microsoft has to be in a panic mode. They just posted another loss in the E&D Division last quarter. With all the layoffs and cost cutting going on you have assume that they aren't willing to rack up anymore hundreds of million dollar loss quarters anymore. I think the entire Xbox projects has generated about 7 billion in losses since 2001.

Saaking3131d ago

Amazing numbers. This holiday belongs to SOny.

Foliage3131d ago

My god, the comment 2 posts above yours completely states the opposite. Reading isn't THAT hard, you should have picked it up by now.

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail."

Jamegohanssj53131d ago

LMAO Boss, you get a bubble.

Any way is this just sold in U.S.? I know must have some aboot 2 million.


Shadow Flare3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

For the last 4 years both sony and nintendo have used 'sell through' figures which are the retailer sold to consumer figures. Microsoft still operates at 'sell in' figures which is the number of consoles shipped to retailers

TotalPS3Fanboy3131d ago

Microsoft went into desperation mode.

Montrealien3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Those are interesting quotes flatulentghost, would you mind sharing the link of where you got this? I would be interested on how sony gets all that info. I am surprised that after all the accounts and all the times you attempted to tell us sony counts sold to customers numbers, you would have quit by now or at least showed us some proof. Would Shadow flare and the kid with a thousand accounts pls give us some proof of how sony has managed to get this info? I am actually interested on how they do this. How many accounts is it now btw? You must ave a record here. And also take note at how the agrees just fly on that account, you know you have hit rock bottom when you are actually logging on to different accounts to agree and bubble yourself. 3 people tracking Flatulentghost, 13 people ignoring, yet his agrees just soar.

/on topic

GJ Sony, its officially a battle for second place! At this rate you should catch up and surpass MS in a year or so. Keep them on there toes so you can push each other to give us great products! what a great time to be a gamer.

btw, everyone is in this story tonight? slow morning at TGS?

BulletToothtony3131d ago

they dropped the ps3 price and wii drops the price, also MS drops the 360 price TWICE!!! damn.. now that's a reaction!

Defectiv3_Detectiv33131d ago

From a devs point of view I would imagine it is pretty significant to know how many people actually own a console as opposed to how many have been shipped to retailers.

TOSgamer3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

All 3 companies use shipped numbers. And its not lying its the only way a manufacturer can keep track of sales. How the hell is a manufacturer suppose to count every system that is sold at retail? Use your brains for something other then arguing. BTW Sony changed their reporting numbers a few years ago from manufactured to shipped. Not from shipped to the end consumer. There is just no way to count units sold at retail. I know all the crazed fanboys will disagree but please if any of you people can tell me how to count every unit sold at every shop in the world tell me. Is a manufacturer suppose to send out hundreds of thousands of reps to visit each store on the planet and ask how many ps3s they sold each day?

Below: And all these mom and pop shops, store managers and district managers got nothing better to do but to report sales numbers of specific products to manufacturers so that fanboys can argue about it over this thing you call the internet right? That's why I mentioned Sony sending reps out because no store is going to waste their time transmitting useless crap data like that for free. If Sony wanted it they would either have to pay or get it themselves. And why would they bother? Because you know Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don't give a crap about sold to the end consumer numbers. Once they sell it to the retailer that's a sale for the company. WTF do they care what the retailer does with it?

Tsk, tsk so many disagree but still no one with an answer for me huh?

leeger3131d ago

I have no idea how they do it.
But with regards to your last statement. You do know that we have the internet now to communicate with each other, so sony doesn't need to send out hundreds of thousands of rep to retail stores.
you do know what an internet is do you? how about email? how about fax?

FlatulentGhost3131d ago

The link didn't get posted for some reason:

is where this quote from Sony comes from:

and he had also referred to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) method of calculating its own install base.

"We count installed base differently to (SCEE). We count the number of units in the hands of consumers."

We said we'd asked SCEE exactly how it did calculate its sales - and which territories it covered. A spokesman for the company has now responded as follows:

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail."

Death3131d ago

then why do they pay NPD to estimate their sales? All 3 manufacturers report sales the only way possible and that is shipped to retail. The consoles you see sitting on Gamestops and Bestbuys shelves are bought and paid for by the retailers, they are not on consignment. Sony knows exactly how many they produce and how many they sold to retail. They don't know when John Q. Public buys one from Target, Walmart or Gamestop.

The numbers shown on each companies financial statement is the number sold to retail. It is irrelevant how many are sold to public at that time since they are all paid for by the retailers. Don't take my word for it, here's Sony making it clear.

Here is Sony's 2006 financial statement which clearly indicates they were counting production numbers instead of sold numbers. It's on page 4.

Here's Q4 2008 which shows they now count sales to retail instead of production numbers. It's on page 5.


Sarcasm3131d ago


Retail Sells Product.

Product gets counted.

Retail sends product count to corporate.

Corporate adds the numbers.

Sony asks for numbers.

Retail sends numbers.

Sony adds up all the numbers.

And now you have 1 million PS3s sold counted.

ultimolu3131d ago

Holy crap. :o

Yes MS, you have a BIIIIIIIG problem.

Bathyj3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Why is it so hard for Xbox fanboys to believe Sony reports SOLD to customers because apparantly thats impossible to calculate, but they fully believe that M$ deducts RRoD from their userbase total. Its pretty simple. The retailer can report how many they sold eack week or even month. Or at worst Sony know how many they sold they one month, say 100 units, and if they only order 50 the next then they only sold 50. Thats just a guess, but more likely they are just reporting sales as they order. Its not that hard.

Ask a XBFB how many XB's in homes and they think its the full SHIPPED number even thou their must be a million or two on store shelves around the world as well as all the dead consoles which there is no way in hell M$ deducts off the total.

So if M$ says 30M "SOLD" and a RRoD comes in, does anyone think they adjust their numbers to 29,999,999 ? Yeah right.

Rigmaster3131d ago

Every console maker knows how many consoles have been sold at retail.

Microsoft simply chooses to still claim sold to retail numbers are actual installed base numbers obviously because it makes their sales look better.

They could report honest sold to customers tomorrow if the wanted to. But they won't because it would actually make their worldwide sales numbers a million or two lower.

DaTruth3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

You'd think this wasn't the digital age, with a barcode on every product and a scanner at every till and an internet and databases! Please stop the stupidness. My company tracks all its product, straight through to the consumers, and they sell a lot more beverages than Sony sells consoles!

This lie you purport, that a company can't track its sales through to the consumer is exactly that; A lie!!! You wanting it not to be true won't change that it is very possible in the digital age, to do this! There's not much in this world that fanboyism has changed, and your fanboyism won't change this!

MGSR THE HD VERSION3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

1 mill in three weeks, so it sold less than ODST.

DaTruth3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

They pay for NPD to get an idea of how there competitors are selling!!! Sometimes if you just think for a minute, without the fanboy mentality, these questions will actually answer themselves!

And it is important to publishers how much of an install base a console actually has! Those consoles sitting on shelves don't buy games!

Edit: those are for shareholders. Once the console is paid for by the retail outlet, that is all the shareholder cares about!!! How much money did you make for me!

Edit:Then MS would have to wait 3 months to bring in their next pricecut... err, rebate! Look how fast they reacted to those numbers, as if they had paid for the retail numbers from some third party or something!

Death3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

That's the amazing part that people can't seem to understand. If every retailer reported to Sony, then why does Sony need NPD? Did you check the links I provided which are directly from Sony? They clearly used to report production numbers up to a few years ago. They now report sold to retail like everyone else.


Sure, they get an idea what their competitors are up to with NPD also. The fanboy in me also knows they could bypass NPD if they are patient enough and just wait for quarterly results which are posted for free. These are more accurate too.

ape0073131d ago


now sony please,you get sales,money etc..

I want all live's features for psn,please,not only cross game chat\invites,party's but cool gamer card,featureing a lot of details about trophies,your game session etc...

even at a monthly fee,no problem

Rigmaster3131d ago

"I want all live's features for psn,please,not only cross game chat\invites,party's but cool gamer card,featureing a lot of details about trophies,your game session etc...

even at a monthly fee,no problem"


Go away.

TOSgamer3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


Wow its that easy huh? Because Sony only sells to corps right? They don't sell to middlemen like distributors and wholesalers? Of course those distributors got nothing better to do then to bother the businesses they sell to and ask hey how many you sell this week of product A because fanboys want to know! I guess people pay for NPD estimates just because companies like them and want to keep them around. They don't need the data since companies already have their own sold to customer numbers that's even more accurate.

And of course these mega corps like Walmart that carry hundreds of thousands of products. They just pay for a building full of people to answer "how did my product sell today" to every manufacturer that calls because their fanboys demand a sold to customer number.

Wouldn't it be a hell of a lot easier for Sony to just count how many units they sell out of their own warehouses? Of course not because fanboys need to argue the discrepancy between sold to retailer and sold to consumer...

@1.26 It usually takes 6 months to 3 years to develop a game. Publishers start the development process months or years before they can know what a console's base is when they release a game. Anyway they can always figure out an estimate of the install base by looking at the shipped number. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can only sell more to a retailer if that retailer needs more frickin' supply. Retailers don't need supply unless they are running low. Its only important to fanboys what the discrepancy is between shipped and sold to end user.

DaTruth3131d ago

Why do you think consoles are the same price at every store, everywhere? Because there are no middlemen taking a piece of the pie. That is why they cost more in Brazil, Africa and the middle East, because they use wholesalers

Sony MS and Nintendo don't use wholesale retailers in developed countries!

Sarcasm3131d ago

1 million shipped, 1 million sold. Who cares, that's still more than MS.

Remember back in 2007 when "The PS3 will never outsell the 360"

TotalPS3Fanboy3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

"So why pay NPD to track your sales? That's the amazing part that people can't seem to understand. If every retailer reported to Sony, then why does Sony need NPD?"

Sony doesn't need NPD. Sony doesn't pay NPD. Just because NPD chose to track sales too doesn't mean Sony paid them. NPD got its own business reasons to track sales, independant of Sony.

It's the same as asking, why do NFL fans keep tracks of stats, when the NFL officials already keep track of those stats in their database?

slayorofgods3131d ago

The only thing spinning is Microsoft's lead over the PS3. It's spinning down the drain.

Death3131d ago

You actually believe sales are reported real time to the manufacturers by retailers and the numbers the manufacturers report are based on 2 different things. Ok, re-read that again and see if you think that doesn't sound a little silly.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo know exactly how many units they produce. They also know how many orders they take and how many units they ship to retail. These units are sold to retail. Retailers are authorized resellers. They buy the units in bulk and resell them at their stores. Sony can estimate within a margin of error hown many are in the channel and how many are sold based on reorder quantities. To get a better idea they can also employ third party agencies such as NPD which actually sample sales from retailers.

There is no pipe line from retailer to manufacturer to let them know when a unit sells. This sounds really cool, but it is incredibly unrealistic on so many levels. Needess to say, Sony doesn't care how many units a retailer sells, they only care about how many they reorder.


xxBiG_BoSSxx3131d ago

you've never worked retail, have you? lucky you. Every retail place and restaurant I've worked keeps track of every item sold. At the end of the day when the registers are closed those figures get sent to a corporate office. I don't imagine it would be too difficult for sony to obtain those numbers. I'm pretty sure it would be a 2 minute phone call.

Death3131d ago

Yeah. At the end of the night numbers are sent to district. District sends them to corporate and then corporate makes reorders electronically. There is no box to check sold and order. They simply re-order what they need. Nothing gets sent to Sony other than re-orders. This process is much less magical than many here want to believe. If Gamestop orders 10,000 units in March and then they order 10,000 more in April, Sony assumes they sold 10,000 units the previous month.

I have no doubt Sony has sold 1 million in the 3 weeks they claim. It is a very impressive number indeed. They didn't get this number by the retailers calling to let them know how well consoles sold though. Keep track electronically is much harder than you guys assume. I don't know if you guys are aware, but there are many different inventory tracking programs on the market and none of them like each other. Compatability issues alone keep them from tracking automatically.

You guys are crazy.


GrandTheftZamboni3131d ago

"Nothing gets sent to Sony other than re-orders."
"Sony assumes they sold 10,000 units the previous month."

Just curious: how do you know how Sony does business with their partners? I would expect this knowledge from someone working at Sony in Sales or IT department. Or maybe at a retail partner.

thewhoopimen3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Death, stop it already. You're just pwning yourself if in the ass. First you purport that if Sony can get the numbers sold, why buy research from NPD. Then you go on a rant about how Sony CAN'T gets numbers sold retail corporate...

Well Guess what NPD is for then?... lol.

I'm sure Sony gets straight up answers from some retailers and estimates through NPD for the rest, somewhere in between. Give it a rest.

And one more thing @TOSgamer , your idea that a company should only care about numbers going to the retailer is the exact mentality that so many failing companies in America hold. Incredible Short-sightedness. Many businesses in Asia and Europe don't think like that. They work off of tough margin to develop future in-roads and expand their base by expanding their partners.

ThanatosDMC3131d ago

I'm pretty sure they count it by hand... /s

beardpapa3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Sony does report numbers sold as "sold to consumers" and not shipped.

Where's the truth to it? Well there are links above. Also, KOTAKU reported that Sony counted sold-to-consumer numbers. Now we all know how Kotaku's like. =P

Also, congrats to Sony for releasing a console a year late, battling through a high-def media war, competing against the Wii on the year it released, competing against another HD gaming console with fewer games upon release, losing games that were part of the Sony brand to multiplatform, selling at a higher price point for who-knows-how-long, facing all the media backlash for the past few years, and especially trying to keep up with the competition during an economic recession. Sony went through a very horrible time, and they're still in the game brawling with healthy stamina.

If another company went through that much crap, I wonder if they would've pulled out long ago.

XxZxX3131d ago

I sense a sour grape among you guys. I seriously LMAO everytime i see him trying to spin it to a bad news.. OOh the NOeSSS hahhaa

BLuKhaos3131d ago

lol and the RROD muppets thought Sony was bsing with their "13 million PS3's sold by the end of year" goal.

Syronicus3130d ago

Come on boys, stop acting like children. Sony has been reporting "Sold Through to Consumer" numbers since the inception of the PS3. They have it well documented and if you can Google, you can find the truth.

Selling 1 million consoles in a matter of three weeks is to be commended, not bashed.

Guitardr853130d ago

...Except you're wrong!!!!

3130d ago
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raztad3131d ago

Too little too late, anyone? LOL

iHEARTboobs3131d ago

..and blu-ray looks like DVD. ;)

ape0073131d ago

a sinking ship,no fricking games,seriously LOL are those writers on crack??

DaTruth3131d ago

Forbes really dropped the ball on this one!

Sarcasm3131d ago

I'd also like to know how many $2000 Blu-Ray lap tops were sold in comparison to the Slim.


ia_studio3131d ago

ps3 music anyone, seriously that music is filled with crap now.

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Ron_Burgundy3131d ago

poor bots :P :P :P

at least you have this