A Defense of Playstation Home

Playstation Home is no stranger to criticism, but with update 1.3 close on the horizon, it's time to take a break from "Xevious Resurrection" and stand against the cynics. Marred by numerous delays and the slow implementation of promised features, the service has become a go-to point of attack for 360 fan boys as well as PS3 owners who would rather see Sony resources spent on basic features such as cross-game chat or new avatars. But Home is an investment, not a pick-up and play game with a rigid storyline, or robust multiplayer campaign, it's an evolving social network. It's a culture, a place where one, solitary, marimba-dancing, avatar in the Central Plaza can instigate a large-scale, spontaneous, boogie party.

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FlatulentGhost3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )


Heh, yeah sure. Home as of a couple of months ago was already up to over 8 million users. 5 million people played the ARG Xi alone. Massive amounts content is flowing in from both Sony and major third party publishes and developers.

The servers are jam packed 24/7 like it is one gigantic online gamer party.

Gamers are:

* Playing games together

* Hanging out with friends

* Meeting new friends

* Exploring the latest content that is constantly being added

* Watching the latest movies and news together

* Dancing and listening to music together

* Hanging out in the custom personal Spaces with friends

All for free. It has been a massive success for Sony. With Home only about 9 months old for open access to gamers and it is this big and successful it is almost scary to think how amazing the online world is going to be in a year or two.

"Playstation Home is no stranger to criticism"

Home terrifies fans of a certain other console. Years of wasting money on online fees and it Sony who has funded and created this incredible and vibrant online world that is free for everyone. Hundreds of millions of dollars in online fees and the competition was only able to come up with a creepy Nintendo Mii ripoff.

So what you get is Psychological Projection. The only fears and anger about their own console's failure to come up with something remotely close to Home gets projected onto Sony's Home.

Let them keep lashing out. There is nothing they can do to change the reality of the massive success of Home, the millions of people online, the massive amounts of money Sony is making off Home sales, and the flood of exclusive Sony PS3 content flowing in from game developers and publishers.

gamerdude113248d ago

Is this really happening? I go into home monthly, and it still isn't very much fun. I wish Sony would invest in PSN, and XMB based features instead of Home. That being said, every time I go into Home, there are a lot of people there.

MiamiACR13248d ago

Why defend a turd when you know it will fester and rot away with time?

1233603248d ago

defense is not needed people have voted with there time spent and money in it,the batman home space made even the biggest supporter i know of the 360 buy the ps3 version.when the trophy reward scheme comes in the next patch or two its going to get even bigger,you can see it now free download of movie,t shirt,etc,etc for x,y.z of trophys collected.thats what,s coming