Nintendo DS Browser Reviewed

The good: Good presentation of non-Flash Web pages; fairly robust interface makes good use of touch screen and stylus.

The bad: No Flash; very slow browsing; problems with certain hot spots.

The bottom line: The Nintendo DS and DS Lite do a lot of things well, but Web browsing isn't one of them. Give this slow, Flashless Web browser a pass.

4.7 out of 10

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Robotz Rule4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

The PSP browser works just fine,well for me it does:)

Don't know bout' the DS browser,but it doesn't sound soo good.

ITR4232d ago

Well it seems like they are using either the JP or the EURO ver.
I heard a rumor using the JP ver in Japan works fast but in the US it's slow as hell.
I'm guessing it's server location.

It's basically Opera 8 without flash..due to storage space.
Homebrew might fix this soon.

I'll buy it because it's simple and thats all I need since I go to mostly text based sites.

I think the PSP still uses Flash 6..but everyones now at Flash 9.

Thats what bad about Flash it updates every yr.

epter4232d ago

Well now you can look up stuff on gamefaqs if your computer is far away from your console. Then wikipedia is always fun to read. And you can check the news and look at pictures in your bed. or in the bathroom. I dont know. seems like you wont be using it that much. dosent seem worth it. but it would be different to blog on xanga in the bathroom.

btkadams4232d ago

ouch, but i never use my psp for web browsing anyways...