Sony's naysayers, then and now

Pop quiz time, readers. Guess what product a Salon author was referring to in the following quotes:

"Whether or not Sony was sincere in its claim that a supply crisis led it to cut its initial shipments ... there's little question that the corporation was successful in the arena of hype marketing. Lines of obsessed PlayStation fans were a news staple ..."

"Don't get me wrong; it's definitely the most powerful video-game machine on the planet right now. But that's not enough. ... There's just not much software available that can take advantage of it."

"Sony is also under the mistaken impression that including the ability to play ... movies is a huge selling point. ... I'd rather pay less and get a machine that just plays games instead."

Is it the PS2 or PS3?

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DrWan4233d ago

another one of those inclusion and exclusion of blu-ray. It's not even the point of movie. It directly affects the games that will be out as it limits the size of the game if Sony were to include regular DVD drive. Shortsighted people. They will see soon enough the advantage of BluRay

wildcat4233d ago

read the full story :)

DrWan4233d ago

thanks, i did. i am not disagreeing with JoyStiq, i am just saying that the "NaySayers" will bite their tongue soon enough. and didn't Resistance use like more than 9 GB already even without high resolution texture streaming??? The game was still not 'that long', but good enough for a FPS. I cannot imagine how games on the PS3 will be without blu-ray..we will get short 2-3 hr games with good graphics, that's not what we want, yes?

Lord Anubis4233d ago

yes resistance used more than 9 gigs, it has several languages in one disc too.

wildcat4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

but yeah, Resistance used around 16 GB and it was only a launch title. It will be interesting to see how they use the space now that they have more knowledge and experience on developing for the PS3. To me, it just seems like the logical next step. Games keep on getting bigger each step, so why not provide more storage. Besides its price, I can't name one thing wrong about having Blu-Ray for games.

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weekapaugh4233d ago

i don't care what format they used, a larger data-storage medium was needed for this gen.

ShAkKa4233d ago

when a game needs a lot of space oh blu-ray is a great thing but the ps3 price is too high oh blu-ray is a mistake. this people doesn`t seem to know how important disc space is becoming this days sony make the right choice including blu-ray and there are some games coming this year that will prove that.

TheExecutive4233d ago

thats just a taste of how similar the complaints are, its kinda funny actually. If people remember last gen, they will agree with me.

wildcat4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Their comments about the PS2 are like deja vu for the PS3, really interesting.

It's the same thing every time, huh? Sony introduces a new format that can hold more storage and plays a new media, and people lash out by saying it's a movie player first or it's not made for games....and then it gets great games.

DrWan4233d ago

same thing happened to the PS1, people were very reluctant at first, but Square Soft (now Square Enix) backed it with FF7 ONE YEAR LATER. guys, this story is repeating itself. FF13, if stays exclusive, to PS3 and if it comes out before November of 2008 (and yes it will, spring of 2008 now), and if the PS3 price have been effective reduce by 100 dollar or so, I cannot see how PS3 can fail in Japan. Once they garner Japanese support, States will usually follow, and this generation follows much faster if not overtaking Japan all together due to addition of new European and US studios (santa monica, liverpool, guerilla, and so on)as these caters to Western-centric gaming audience (action, FPS, online) than Japanese audience (RPG, quirky games, soccer ;p winning 11 FTW).

Once again, Final fantasy story repeats itself.

wildcat4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

It's becoming a trend, is it not?

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