Capcom debuts two new video games at Tokyo Game Show

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, announced today that two titles on display at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show will be coming to North America and Europe in 2010

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S_Leonhart3134d ago


Simon_Brezhnev3134d ago

Sengoku BASARA aka Devil Kings probably because the anime did pretty good in Japan and a second season coming so the game will probably come when the second season starts.

Blaze9293134d ago

Awwww no Onimusha? Damn

RememberThe3573134d ago

If so, might it use Sony's new wand thing?

infamous_273134d ago

I wonder if the Wii version will affect the PS3? No matter, these games aren't about graphics anyways.

Woot! 2010 NA release.

dustgavin3134d ago

Probably not. They may make different versions for each console.

KeiZka3133d ago

Probability of using the motion controller of Sonys. Seems like we have a potential crossplat for PS3/Wii. If done correctly, that is.

kingdavid3134d ago

Ghost trick sounds cool. Love ds adventure games.

RJ920093134d ago

iv beed hopeing for a new one since the ps2 day's lol

RememberThe3573134d ago

They're hiding it, because they're assholes.

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The story is too old to be commented.