Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Details Revealed

Valve has cleared up one of the two mysteries surrounding the Left 4 Dead 2 demo announcement that the demo will be exclusive to both Steam and Xbox 360 pre-order customers on October 27.

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Gamer_Politics3247d ago

Wow...a sony fan that doesnt hate Valve.

peeps3247d ago

well valve are mainly pc anyway. even with games like the orange box, i bought on 360 but it's dead online, no updates etc etc so got the pc version and it's like a different game

free2game3653247d ago

I got tricked into that pre-order for a demo garbage before. Never again.

MiamiACR13247d ago

Preorder the game on Steam and you can't take the money back, Preorder it at gamestop to just be safe I would say. Who knows the game might REALLY be a copy and paste and crazy fun for a few days then boring just like the first one was. I haven't played the first one since 12 days after release, all my friends and I got bored I felt the Director didn't change anything but weapon placements and after awhile of playing I knew where everything would spawn.

Chewy1023246d ago

In all of the gameplay videos Iv seen the only thing that stands out is the new infected and the lame a** fire ammo (light any tank with a single round). The starting weapons are the same (shotgun, SMG) the T2 (that Iv seen) are just an AK47 , another auto-shotgun, and a sniper with a new 30 round clip.

The only thing I see that makes it a new game are the maps, player skins, and the 3 new SI. The only reason (I can think of) that this is a full game is that M$ has a limit to the max size of all the DLC a game can get. The only game I know of to get past this rule is Halo, M$s main game.

omni_atlas3247d ago

L4D1 -- demo opened up to the public 1 week before release.

They are giving it two weeks this time so it doesn't clash with MW2.

Regardless, I can wait; 1 week is nothing. It'll probably be 2 short maps thrown together like for the first one.

Nearly 1 year later, Valve still hasn't released their promised L4D content. lol, at least now we have a date.

omni_atlas3247d ago

Add me to your list then.

I am also a Sony 'fan' that doesn't hate Valve. Just a little disgruntled by their promises.