Article: 5 Possible 'Halo' Sequels After 'Halo: Reach'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Given that it has, alongside "Grand Theft Auto", literally defined the popular gaming landscape of the past decade, "Halo" has some weird identity issues. Rockstar North has never had any questions about what "GTA" is, but Microsoft and Bungie seem to go back and forth on whether "Halo" is a deeply story-driven epic or just a perfectly balanced shooter with memorable aesthetics.

It's bizarre really, how the three main games in the series emphasize story one second (Cortana's portentous monologue at the opening of "Halo 3") and then act like it couldn't be less important (the infamous non-ending of "Halo 2"). Then there's the fact that there is more "Halo" story out there than there is "Halo" game. There's an anime coming out, Neil Blomkampp and Peter Jackson's short films, Brian Bendis' comic series "Halo: Uprising", and six separate "Halo" novels.

With the fresh launch of "ODST" and with "Halo: Reach" a year away we thought it might be worth taking a look at the other stories Microsoft can develop to make even more game sequels."

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cheapndirty3164d ago

As long as I get my kart game.

Saaking3164d ago

MS should just rename the 360 the Halo Box or something since that's the only thing they've been releasing. Seriously, they are milking it way too much.

Tony P3164d ago

Eh, I thought there was something official behind this.

Article is more like: "Here's 5 'Halo' Sequels We'd Like to See"

DasBunker3164d ago

thats really sad..

casual gamers really dont know any better

siyrobbo3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

@ saaking, like sony is milking rachet and clank? like konami is milking metal gear? like nintendo are milking mario? Square with final fantasy? dragon quest? If the demand for more HALO is there, why wouldnt they release games? And the demand is obviously there. Its not as if its the same re-hashed game, halo wars is totally different genre, and ODST plays differently. Dunno bout reach

militant073164d ago

Talking about milking

(2005)God of war
(2007)God of War 2
(2008)God of war olympus
(2009)God of war 1&2 Remake
(2010)God of ware 3

usern4g3164d ago

There have been fewer Halo games thatn Ratchet & Clank titles. And, Halo sells more.

So, MS has a bigger incentive, yet Sony has less and whores out R&C harder.

jdrman20073164d ago

well... we can all agree that Mario is the most milked franchise in gaming history. There are more mario games than FF, Halo, zelda, R&C, and KoFs combined...

but no matter how you look at it 3 major console halo games in a little over two years is seriously milking

SnuggleBandit3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

seriously militant? you are throwing a psp game in there along with two of the same exact games

God of War
God of War 2
**Psp Game**
God of war 3

And so the reality is, there are three main console games in five years...ok glad we settled that

beardpapa3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

^ I think the reason why people say MS is milking Halo, is because Halo 3 was supposed to be the last Halo. Bungie said they wanted it to be the last. And commercials told us to buy Halo 3 because it'd allow us to "Finish the Fight!"

Then we saw Halo Wars, Halo ODST, and now Halo Reach.... It's nice that Halo is getting it's own little universe (ala how Starcraft and Warcraft has its own "history"), but maybe they need to start making a game without using Halo in its name, afterall ... you're really not fighting in the Halo anymore like how it was the core concept in Halo 1.

FF7numbaone3164d ago

last time a mention halo i lost a bubble. Careful halo fans will eat your bubbles.

WenisWagon3164d ago

It looks like Halo is now trying to compete with the Final Fantasy and Mario franchises.

caladbolg7773164d ago

Hey, if people are dumb enough to buy it, then there's no reason why MS should stop selling it. More power to them.

SixZeroFour3163d ago

no one said that these are confirmed in the works, just possibilities...with that being said, i can only see 2 of those being possible games...ghost of onyx and covenant

i read uprising and i dont think it would be a good game, maybe a short film for halo legends, but not a game

grunts are just the slaves or lowest rank of the covenant forces, i dont think there is much that you can put into storywise to make it into a game, plus they are weak so you would just be dieing if you played as would work if it was a bit like the overlord game, but thats what i would think that you can make a "covenant" game somewhat like, elites or brutes (depending on timeframe) as the overlord bossing around grunts

as for forerunner, i dont remember much about them so i left them out of a possible game being made

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NegativeCreep4273164d ago

What else have you got to lose, or provide, Microsoft?

Shadow Flare3164d ago

Halo is becoming like Nintendo's Wii franchise. Soon we'll be seeing HaloSports, HaloFit, HaloChess and Halo Let's Brush Our Teeth

cheapndirty3164d ago

They kept pumping those until until they got sloppy and ruined the franchise only to have Eidos try to bring it back to life with Tomb Raider Legend. My point is they can pump out as many as they want as they as they dont suck. When that happens the franchise will die a slow death.

Grandreaper99993164d ago

In the span of 2 years you'll see all 5 release too. It's a good series, I wish they'd just take their time with it.

dreamcast3164d ago

As long as the "main" Halo games are quality, I'm fine with it.

IaMs123164d ago

I agree as long as the main halo games are quality im all for it. I dont hear people complaining about FF or MGS yet and evidently people still like Halo as well since well its selling really well.

Personally i let ODST slide on not having many improvements, although i think it still looks awesome, but since they started as an expansion. I mean if that was the new main halo game then i would be a little disappointed.


@ IaMs12

depending on what sort of fan you are of halo i would say give odst a try.

I was not sure what to make of odst, I am a big halo fan, but I have always said i didn't like 2 and 3 as much and felt they were let downs. given what odst was meant to be i really didn't see how it would not be a letdown, but from a story and gameplay perspective I enjoyed it much more then halo 3. I also depends what you play halo for i guess.

some people like to point out... people don't play halo for the single player, if your one of them then ya, maybe there is not much for you. but if your a fan of the story and campaign. my advice is buy it.. or at least rent it. stick it straight on lengendary difficulty and enjoy the story. bungie really supprised me with it.

Grandreaper99993163d ago

What's with the disagrees? we got two this year... multiply that by 2, and you've got... 4. Close enough, I'm sure one of those 5 will wind up being an expansion-gone-full-release, yes, if history repeats itself, we'll get 5.

Hoping they take their time with the games is also a bad thing? Are the people disagreeing with me heavily drinking atm???

IaMs123163d ago

Oh i love halo, i dont think you understand what i meant by Sliding tho lol after re reading what ive said. I still want to play ODST, i want to get it but i mean Slide as in im not going to hold it against bungie that its Halo 3 graphics just new story and such like all the PS3 Fanboys are using to down play the game. Hope that clarifies a little lol :) Im still going to get the game, and glad to hear its doing well.

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MetalGearRising3164d ago

5 is not enough more needed soon i hope.

54percent3163d ago

Halo, just for sheep like you