Lens of Truth: Magician Lord - Retro Review

lens of truth writes - "Platforming never looked this good and the Neo-Geo home console brought the best the market had to offer into your living room. So, if you are interested to see what the 1990s really had to offer, come on in and read how Neo-Geo brought home the true Arcade experience so many developers strove to accomplish."

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stealyrface2924d ago

This game was awesome in its time. great music.

jaidek2924d ago

I bought the Neo Geo back in the day from Babbages when they were doing a pack in deal. I got the system, Magician Lord, Fatal Fury, two controllers and a memory card...all for $699!!! This game was it for the day...but man was it tough!

ArthurLee2924d ago

I'm pretty sure you got a deal too! What an expensive system, but no other console could bring the arcade to your home like the Neo Geo could.

evildeli2923d ago

And they said the PS3 was overpriced!

jaidek2923d ago

It was pricey at the time, but to actually play arcade perfect games in your living room was amazing. Also, anyone that owned a Neo-Geo can attest to its build quality. The system and controllers were hefty, not like today's cheaper feeling consoles. I still kick myself for trading it in towards my Japanese PlayStation.

evildeli2923d ago

"I still kick myself for trading it in towards my Japanese PlayStation."

Smooth move there!

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Godmars2902924d ago

Pity you don't really see that level of creativity in video game today. Especially now when so many devs went with the UT engine.

Baron792924d ago

@Godmars290 - I know what you mean. I think Muramasa on the Wii has that creativity your talking about. Having allot of fun with it now.

Magician Lord is one classic neo title. Nice that you can get it for the Wii VC now. Its almost like I owned a Neo Geo. almost :)

evildeli2923d ago

I always forget about the Wii's VC.