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rCrysis3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

not bad looking...buh what?

anyways, it's clearly logic to know who's side to be on. If Watchdog can't tolerate 0.5% failure rate then they might as well go Amish.

josuttis3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

A former Microsoft employee hijacking a TV show he works for to do a smear piece on the incredibly reliable PS3 hardware in an effort to do damage control for Microsoft's 54 percent Xbox 360 RRoD failure rate.

There's only one side to be on.

What is so disgusting about this garbage is we wouldn't even be wasting our time with it if Microsoft didn't make their unwelcome entry to the console market and their incompetence in designing reliable hardware.

RememberThe3573132d ago

But, if that is it, what is the point? Lets hope these things have a little more meat on them as they go forward, I wouldn't mind watching her every now and then.

But If your not on Sony's side your probably a fanboy or you don't know what your talking about. The PS3 is a monster piece of hardware and it's failure rate is nothing even to even mention even when compared to other electronics.

The "investigation" was a crappy smear attempt, nothing more.

Veneno3132d ago

Uh-Uh-Uh chica, joo don' mess wit' Sonie, uh-uh!!

Vicodin3132d ago

"What is so disgusting about this garbage is we wouldn't even be wasting our time with it if Microsoft didn't make their unwelcome entry to the console market and their incompetence in designing reliable hardware."

The Wii and PS3 have failure rates that are just like every previous console gen. So low they aren't even worth talking about.

Along with the revolting TV program smear against the PS3, we also have Xbox fans now filling forums with lies about having owned '5 PS2s that all died' hoping to spread enough lies to make Microsoft's RRoD fiasco seem like just business as usual.

It is a sickening cancer on the console world. The console world wasn't like this before Microsoft entered and brought their sleazy business practices and mindset.

> Smears against other console hardware to cover up their own incompetent in creating reliable hardware

> Xbox fans setting up fake sales sites like vgchartz

> Xbox fans doing faked 'side by side' comparisons like gametrailers

> Xbox fans in the media 'reviewing'(trashing) PS3 exclusives

There used to be a fundamental feeling of respect between console gamers. It didn't matter if you were a Sony,Nintendo,Sega fan. Everyone was a gamer. You would never think of spreading lies about another console's hardware having hardware problems just because you think you are helping your own console out.

arakouftaian3132d ago

you are a fanboy mind wash nerd.

i mean if you buy a product and it break or stop working by its seft that company should fix it for free no metter what, and i only have a ps3 because is teh best console with the game a want but is soemthing worng with you and many otehrs fanboys nerds. i think you will save your ps3 1 on a heardquake and your mons lather f#$#@ nerds

ChronoTrigger873132d ago

I haven't logged into my n4g account in a long time. Your comment forced me to log on and give you +1 bubble.

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Shadow Flare3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I'm on Sony's side for the following reasons:

- Sony has abided by the law
- 0.5% is a very good failure rate percentage to have
- Watchdog mercilessly ridiculed Sony, for abiding by the law
- They did it at the same time as the better made PS3 Slim launched(???)
- It was headed by a self proclaimed xbox fanboy who works for microsoft (way to be unbiased)
- The research they did was poor
- They sensationalised a problem that is very, very small (0.5% small)
- They're looking for hits because they're stupid programme is failing
- There's no inherent design defect with the ps3 if only 0.5% are faulty
- 4 of the 11 ps3's Watchdog claimed to fix broke, so what's their point? Why are they trashing Sony's repair team who would 100% fix it with added warranty?

All in all, Sony's ps3 is better made then most electronics [read: xbox 360] and they did not deserve this needless ridicule on national television, right before christmas.

PS. Sue them Sony

MetalGearRising3132d ago

Watchdog and reason why i chose Watchdog because Sony Smells.

S_Leonhart3132d ago

Sony and reason why i chose sony because botdog Smells.

NegativeCreep4273132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Are you already through with ODST???

Was your time and enjoyment with Halo ODST that fleeting???

Has Halo ODST already taken a back seat to your true passion in life: Trolling and looking like a f*cking fool while you're at it.

ThanatosDMC3132d ago

If she's not stripping... then im not watching.

Parapraxis3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Logic/Reason VS Make Believe, Which Side Are You On?

Myself, Logic/Reason.
Watchdog clearly chose the Make Believe side.

Megaton3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Anyone who believes in the 0.5% PS3 failure rate may as well believe Microsoft's claimed 16% 360 failure rate.

As someone who had the YLOD, paid for the $150 refurb, and got the YLOD again a couple nights ago (though my system started working again the next day while on hold with Sony tech, and is currently functional), I'm on the side of whoever gets Sony to extend their warranty.

Forecast shows severe tropical disagree storm and possible bubble loss incoming.

deshon093132d ago

would love to see sony extend the warranty it will not happen they make good products that work for long amounts of time it just not going to happen

SupaPlaya3132d ago

I haven't had issue with my 80GB yet, and recently bought a slim (keeping my finger crossed)

Megaton3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Typically, yeah, I'd agree with that. I had a launch PS2 fail on me DRE style (as did every single person I know who owned one at the time), but the next one I bought is still functional today, after approximately 6 years. Never had any issues with my original PlayStation either, which also went through several years of use.

I'm not trying to claim the YLOD is anywhere near the epidemic RROD numbers, but it's foolish to believe the 0.5% PR claim. It's obviously at least in the single digits.

HammockGames3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I just became a YLOD victim this afternoon myself while playing Batman:AA on my 60 gb launch model. It's kind of like losing an old friend * sniff *

So I'm inclined to believe the overall PS3 fail rate is higher than 0.5% too.

If I'm not mistaken, both the YLOD and BRD issues are more common with early models. Hopefully newer models - especially the slim - won't get this at all (or at least even less often).

And I'm still more upset with Microsoft when it comes to hardware quality this gen. My 360 died with WAY fewer hours on it. My PS3 on the other hand has been an absolute workhorse - I don't know if I can count the hours I've put in on that thing.

Perhaps this is an understood cost/risk of being an early adopter, but it sucks regardless of which machine we're talking about.

But yeah, I'd love to see an extended warranty too.

Edit: Just to make clear, I believe the overall fail rate is probably acceptably low and I would endorse anybody buying a PS3. It just sucks when you're included in that vast minority (and out of the warranty period).

Megaton3132d ago

Mine wasn't a 60gig, but it was an 80gig BC model from 2007. It lasted 4 days shy of one year, with several hours of daily use during the whole time I owned it. In-fact, the day before it broke, I tweaked out on Fallout 3 for about 18 hours straight. When it broke, I had been playing it for 6 hours prior.

The refurb YLOD'd when I turned it on, and is about 8 months old with extensive use. Went to pop in Street Fighter IV to play with a friend, and BAM! There it was, YLOD. Fortunately it's actually still functional right now, as it turned back on while I was on hold with Sony tech. I was ready to unload a sh*tstorm on the unfortunate soul to take my call, when I thought I may as well turn it on and try to get my disc out again. At least I got a chance to wipe all accounts off of it after the initial YLOD, and will only be playing disc games on it, no downloads. Don't wanna risk losing an account activation on a console that has already bricked once.

Sarcasm3132d ago

Sony actually revealed numbers, which is 12,500 PS3s out of 2 million PS3s. That's where .05 comes from

Megaton3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Yeah but that was just from their own internal replacement numbers, right? My console would show up there, cause I went through Sony for my replacement, but how many people return them at retail? How many people buy a new one? How many people just say f*ck it and don't do anything?

Shadow Flare3132d ago

Actually sony said to watchdog that out of 2.5 million ps3's in the UK, 0.5% were faulty (faulty not ylod). Watchdog deducted the 12500 number from that figure and panned all 12500 cases as being ylod

beardpapa3132d ago

the 0.5% rate applies to the UK since it's SCEUK that states the number. Because your machine just YLOD, your rate of failure is 100%. Get a second machine in your household and if that one doesn't fail, it's now 50%. But if you contribute your YLOD machine with the total YLOD of everyone else's PS3 over the total number of PS3 systems in your place of residence, then you can come up with better figures for rate of failure. Otherwise, just because one person's machine went YLOD or RROD over 50,000 other systems in the same zip code doesn't mean the failure rate just shot up [whole number]%.

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