PS University: Top 8 ModNation Racers Wish List

"Play. Create. Share. These three little words have signaled the start of an incredible gaming genre. They first brought LittleBigPlanet to the center of everyone's attention on the PlayStation 3 and now, Sony, is following that exclusive up with their next title in the genre, ModNation Racers. ModNation Racers is an arcade racers which gives the gamer the ability to create his own tracks, share them with the community and/or play other gamer's levels online. Regardless of what you plan on doing with ModNation Racers first, chance are, it'll be entertaining and worthy of the $60 price tag." - The Dean

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Godmars2903099d ago

Hope they add new vehicle types. Like hovercraft, boats and airplanes.

dreamcast3099d ago

How would you make a track for airplanes?

NoUseMerc3099d ago

I'd like to see water, snow, and ice effects.

dreamcast3099d ago

I'd like to see...

Destruction Derby
Ability to create your own decals.
Elaborate vehicle customization.

S_Leonhart3099d ago

can't whit to play this game.

josuttis3099d ago

Redo the characters from scratch.

One of the biggest appeal of LittleBigPlanet was the adorable SackBoys. The ModRacer characters are almost creepy looking. Can't see the game having that same broad male/female gamer/non-gamer appeal that LittleBigPlanet managed to capture so well.

Jpinter3099d ago

Maybe ability to drive your cars with your Home avatars? lol

dreamcast3099d ago

I kinda wish this was Little Big Racer or something, and we could use our sackpeople from LBP.