TGS '09: PS3 Exclusive TRINITY media displays battle, shops and more

SCRAWL: "KOEI have dropped the media anchor on the Tokyo Game Show, releasing twenty-two brand new images and a new trailer of their upcoming PlayStation 3 action RPG, TRINITY: SOuls of Zill O'll. The new screenshots give us a look at how the game's battle system plays out, what conversations between characters appear to be and how the shops and guilds will show up on our screens."

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chidori6662919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


[email protected] watch the video this game promises a lot!

54percent2919d ago

RPG Japanese devs were only testing with the dumbox360 it failed hard and now they move to a true power machine

rCrysis2919d ago

whenever I see that W-omega force logo I always think of Dynasty Warriors XP

Looks Dynasty Warriors-esque. I hope it has a lasting appeal because I am a dynasty warriors kind of guy >_<

N4GAddict2919d ago

I aw some Dynasty Warriors moments in the trailer.

gaffyh2919d ago

Looks decent, not really hyped for it though.

Lekumkee2919d ago

No thank you Koei, give me a next gen Romance of the 3 Kingdoms instead.

Daver2919d ago

I like what i saw it looks fun.. is there coop? because theres 3 health bars

specialguest2919d ago

I'm so disappointed in Koei. Seems like all they know how to make are Dynasty Warrior clones. What happened to the Koei of the SNES era?!? Damn it Koei, give me a current gen Inindo already!

Tony P2919d ago

"Looks decent, not really hyped for it though."

SupaPlaya2919d ago

a bit of dynasty warrior, a bit of white knight chronicles

DaTruth2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Wrong post

gamesR4fun2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )


Looks great we gotta pray for a quick NA release on this XD

Way to long since i played an original jrpg that looked this good.

ThanatosDMC2919d ago

This should be DMC5 but grander in scale like Heavenly Sword's 1 vs 1000. Let it be Sparda vs Mundus' army.

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Noctis Aftermath2919d ago

Graphically it doesn't seem very impressive, other then that it doesn't look bad.

Dir_en_grey2919d ago

They upgraded the graphics a lot already, the the pics they released before looked like PSP graphics.
It still doesn't look amazing but at least it's another option for a RPG on PS3.

keysy4202919d ago

sony is really stepping their game up

Da One2919d ago

I could use a little work but we'll see 2010

morganfell2919d ago

What were you planning on having done?

Da One2919d ago

it was a typo "IT" instead of "I"

morganfell2919d ago

Ha ha I know but I just couldn't turn it down.

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