Microsoft says EA purchase rumor is false

Electronic Arts stock jumped 4 percent Wednesday amid talk that Microsoft might be interested in buying the major video-game publisher.

However, Microsoft spokesman David Dennis dispelled the rumor.

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Shadow Flare3167d ago

would EA want to be 'owned'?

I don't think so...

Dragun6193167d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

EA is doing fine already, It has plenty of Developers, Popular franchises (Madden, Sims, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Burnout, etc), and is making great profit by supporting and releasing games for all major platforms.

Why would EA allow themselves to be eaten by Microsoft. It would disrupt the games industry as a whole and leave many gamers out.

RememberThe3573166d ago

You have to be a moron to believe it, even if it was true...

morganfell3166d ago

It isn't like Microsoft has a documented history of buying studios with great dev teams and then dissolving them....

Saaking3166d ago

MS purchasing EA would not be good for anyone. ESPECIALLY gamers.

Microsoft Xbox 3603166d ago

There goes the dream of many 360 fanboys.

Aclay3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Of course it's false.... if Microsoft hadn't made strides to acquire Bioware before EA did or Epic Games yet, why in the world would try to tackle a Multi-Billion Dollar Publisher like EA out of the blue? EA's Revenue for the 2009 Fiscal Year was over 4 Billion... I can't even imagine the amount of money it would take to acquire them.

The rumors about EA possibly eying THQ is something that I can believe, because they have a nice track record of acquiring big Studios this gen. but never for a second did I believe the rumors about M$ acquiring EA.

orange-skittle3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Their stock jumped because the word is out that they are interested in buying THQ. This would create a major problem with the UFC President Dana White since he statement on record by saying "F*CK EA!" Madden sales are down every year and UFC Unleashed is outselling Fight Night R4 and will destroy their new MMA fighting game due out next year. This would also give EA the Saints Row franchise allowing them to compete with GTA. We all remember when they tried to buy Take-Two(publisher of GTA), so they are strategizing to still corner the market.

EA is known for these takeover manuevers because they hate competition. You saw them buy every professional football license(CFL,NFL,AFL,NCAA) as well as the ESPN license so that Take Two(2K Sports) couldn't make another. They bought the ESPN license and never used it. That was made clear when EA used NFL Network's Fran Charles and Alex Flannigan instead of ESPN's Chris Berman or Stewart Scott. They never incorporated any ESPN tags on anything to promote their purchase. It was clearly a chess move to block 2K from competing.

Hutch23553166d ago

Ea has a market cap of 6.4 billion dollars, to obtain 50.1% of the public shares it would probably cost them in the multiple billions of dollars. So I don't think that would happen. They could, but they wouldn't

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morganfell3167d ago

Oh noes! I'm a most disappointed bot!

Wait, that was not a good imitation.

Oh Nos, im a mst disponted bot!

Jamescagney3166d ago

Lol, I see what you did there. You missed out some of the letters of the words and said that's what a bot would do!

Lol, that's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

NMC20073166d ago

morganfail, I like that name for you better.
See, I am a bot and I spelled everything correctly.

morganfell3166d ago

As Chiun said, "Even a fool is occasionally blessed with luck."

GiantEnemyCrab3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Well, you're already a raging Sony dipsh!t.. Might as well add one more to your resume(disappointed bot).

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MetalGearRising3166d ago

Microsoft could have killed Sony with one stone yet they too pity maybe another day.

TheColbertinator3166d ago

You intentionally proved Morganfell's imitation.

Jamescagney3166d ago

Maybe my sarcasm was unwarranted. You bots disappoint me.

NegativeCreep4273166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I thought you owned a PS3, MGR? I remember you telling some tell tale about being neutral and looking at stories like this with a more impartial perspective?

"...with one stone yet they too pity maybe another day."

Yeah forget about the PS3, you should consider buying Hooked on Phonics. It be good too for day you maybe move out of mommy's walk-in closet some another day.

Obama3166d ago

"You unintentionally proved Morganfell's imitation. "


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kaveti66163166d ago

I just wrote on the rumor article, and I'll say again, it just would not make sense financially for EA to allow themselves to be bought out, but the top people can probably be bribed.

iceman29293166d ago

for some reason that made me think of Indiana Jones... ( who is working on the ark!? Top Men Dr. Jones...)

evilmonkey5013166d ago

I just watched that yesterday....

air13166d ago

if micro has the chance to buy EA and they dont, they are just plain stup!d..

no madden on the ps3 will hurt sony bad...

OGharryjoysticks3166d ago

EA knew it and swung the exclusivity deal because they have money.

2K basketball craps on Live and that is what would have happened to Madden had they not rigged the game.

But if EA had been a Microsoft only company they would have lost exclusivity of the NFL license because the NFL would never allow only one platform to have an NFL game. So I was actually hoping this take over would happen because I don't own any EA games and wish I could buy NFL2K11

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