TGS: Live Sony Press Conference Feed

"There has been a great amount of hype flying around the net of what Sony may announce at this year's Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan. Will Gran Turismo 5 finally get an official release date? What unannounced titles do they have planned for PS3 owners? What games will we see more gameplay of? And the list goes on and on. Well Tokyo Game Show is finally here and Sony will be hitting the stage very soon, 9:30pm est to be exact. Sony finally gets to reveal what is real and what is not. This will finally end all of the speculation and rumors on the net. Today is a great day to be a PS3 owner and would like to announce that we will be holding a LIVE feed for the press conference at"

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Nick2120043249d ago

Im anxious to see what Sony announces. I just hope most of the announcements are not for Japan only.

Enate3249d ago

Yes I've been hoping someone would stream this seeing as it seems non of the big sites are covering TGS this year outside of pictures an articles.

gaffyh3249d ago

I remember at GamesCom this website said they were going to do a live stream, when the time came, the website just completely buckled, so I won't be relying on them for the live blog either.

ballsofsteel3249d ago

these guys claimed live feed at gamescom but apprentice they're not smart enough to realize that live feed is a video and what they're actually doing is called live blog

SnuggleBandit3249d ago

ya i remember the B.S. this site pulled last time...doing it agian just to get hits

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

Set to start soon, so for those who need to know what time exactly...

or those to lazy to click the link....

Time it starts at the major timezones:

6:30pm (Sept 23)- Pacific Standard Time (PST)
9:30pm(Sept 23)- Eastern Standard Time (EST)
2:30am(Sept 24) - British Summer Time (BST)
3:30am(Sept 24) - Central European Time (CET)
11:30am(Sept 24)- Australian Eastern Standard Time (Syd/melb/bris specifically)
*Adelaide/Darwin time: 11:00am
*Perth time: 9:30am
10:30am(Sept 24)- Japanese Standard Time (JST)
1:30am(Sept 24)- Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

ReservoirDog3163249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Haha, "or those to lazy to click the link...."


edit: isn't working for me, use this,

DaTruth3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

These guys don't know what a live feed is? I don't want any live blogs; I'm on N4G, I get my fill of blogs!

I'll wait for it to show up on PSN in hi-def 1080p!

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BXbomber3249d ago

so wat i click the link then that page that opened will update itself with info starting at 9;30?

Elvfam5113249d ago

Yeah I think that how it works

JD_Shadow3249d ago

Yeah, it's similar to how some sites did the live Gamescon blogs.

Axcess3249d ago

Some have something much like a live chat. Others update the website, so you have to reload the page in order to see new information. You will have to reload this site often to see the updates as they are posted.

Elvfam5113249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

thegameracess for this can't wait '

I think it's 6:30 for pacific and 8:30 for central

edit @ beloew this is from the article

"Well Tokyo Game Show is finally here and Sony will be hitting the stage very soon, 9:30pm est to be exact."

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The story is too old to be commented.