Gaming Age: Scribblenauts Review

Gaming Age writes: "All together I'd say Scribblenauts is a really great game on the DS, and certainly worth the praise it's received. It definitely has some control issues, and I wasn't a fan of the soundtrack, but outside of that I can't argue that the game is certainly unique and innovative. It reminds me of playing some old ASCII text adventure game and thinking that I could type up any word or direction for a solution, but being shot down more often than not. Scribblenauts gives me the ability to actually breathe life into my ideas within the game world, and I thank it for that. It'd be really awesome to see someone run with the idea in the realm of an old school adventure game, or just to see the idea expanded upon in a straight up sequel. There's a lot to be mined out of the core gameplay mechanic here, and I think everyone will find that Scribblenauts does wonders for your imagination".

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