Xbox Live Versus PlayStation Network

Platform Nation breaks down the age old argument of XBL vs PSN to finally decide which is the better of the two while comparing them together in the following categories: marketplace, friends, multiplayer, costs, subscriptions, visuals + simplicity, community, Home, and extras.

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Shadow Flare3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

256 players
Dedicated Servers for all major 1st party games

The things LIVE boast over PSN are not important enough

Anon19743038d ago

Used both quite a bit and went with PSN. It's great, it's free and it does exactly what I want it to do, connect me online to play games. Really, everything else is just window dressing. One charges me for it, one doesn't.

I think the major thing is where your friends are. Everyone likes to game with their friends. For me, I only know one 360 gamer other then myself, so I play on the PSN because that's where all my friends and family game. For others, the opposite holds true so it might be worth it to them to pay extra fees to play 100% of their games as the developers intended, just to play with their friends. If my friends were all on XBL, I probably would too.

deadreckoning6663038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Both have things I like...but Ive been spending more time on PSN lately.

@ShadowFlare- A little one-sided there don't ya thk.And ur argument, while true, you only make ONE point. Ur saying more the ability to have more people in one game automatically makes PSN better.

@Darkride-ALL of my friends are on XBL, but the messed up thing is that they all have PS3s that they hardly use. Im tryin ta convince em ta get MW2 on PS3.

Shadow Flare3038d ago


So why should you have to pay for Live when it can't even beat psn in those points i mentioned in #1? Maybe it is a biased comment but its true. Why do you think Live is worth paying money for? Frankly, dedicated servers and a high online player count is much more important to me then cross-game invites

Maddens Raiders3038d ago

teh cross cross game chat is worth a fee. Really it is... 0_o

gaffyh3038d ago

Oh God, this crap has been done to death, fanboys will never agree!

Vicodin3038d ago

The only reason the gaming media continues to pretend Microsoft's online service is of the same quality as Sony's goes all the way back to last gen.

The gaming press so desperately wanted the PS2 to fail last gen so they could write their 'Arrogant Sony creates overpriced and 'hard teh program' machine that can't make up its mind if it is a gaming console or a movie player'.

As the PS2 exploded in sales around the 200 dollar mark and left the Xbox fading in the distance Microsoft's online service was latched on to as some sort of 'fairness to Microsoft' bullet point.

Yes the Xbox was dead everywhere but the US and the UK. Yes there was nothing but Halo to play on the console. So in fairness you had to 'give' online play to Microsoft as some sort of 'balance'.

That has continued right into this gen.

40,64, 256 player online games
lagfree dedicated servers
free online play for everyone
the amazing Home online world

but you have to pretend Microsoft's online service is just as good as Sony's because that's fair because Sony utterly dominates Microsoft in exclusives, graphical power, reliability, noise level, cheap and easy upgradability, Blu-Ray, etc.

Immortal Kaim3038d ago

Shadow Flare: "PSN is the best, XBL suxxorz"
Godmars: "PSN is free and XBL is not worth it, M$ is ripping everyone off"
Morgan: "You're all inferior Homo Sapiens if you think XBL can match the prowess of Sony's free online service. Plus Sony cures cancer"


I Did Not Murder Him: "XBL has so many many features it is worth the price."
jack who: "You get what you pay for, PSN is cr*p"

We all know how it goes, I see the same comments in everyone of these stupid 'news articles' every few weeks. :)

Shadow Flare3038d ago

well actually, you're wrong. Usually i wouldn't be talking about psn vs live. I'd be saying "PS3 is the best, 360 suxxorz"

Immortal Kaim3038d ago

LOL Sorry, honest mistake.

slayorofgods3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I still don't understand why people would prefer paying for xbox live vs. having the PSN for free. I'm sure I'll get some reply saying I just need to experience it? That has been a serious question since Live is always being bragged about.

DMason3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"I dont need Netflix because I have a Blu Ray player" <<< This statement is ungodly retarded. The two are completely different. You pay $30 for a Blu Ray. I pay $10 a month and get to watch unlimited movies in hi def on my Xbox, AND get to watch as many Blu Rays as I want through the rental service on my PS3.

Yeah, Facebook, Twitter, and LastFM are free on the COMPUTER, but the integration and ease into the existing service is what really counts. I'm already paying $30 a year for a subscription to LIVE, additional bonuses are welcomed.

I'm sorry, but I own both, and XBL is lightyears ahead of the PSN. But it was a nice try on Sony's part with 3.0

NoBias3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Here come the PS3 fanboys to preach the good word and try to get XBL users to convert. We know we know, "you all don't understand why we pay" and "you can't beat free".

We've heard it... Over and over and over and over...

EDIT: Oh... Disagrees... I guess we haven't heard it enough from them yet...

Syronicus3037d ago

What service lets you play online for free?

That one is the winner in my book. Paying for online play is stupid.

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I did not murder him3038d ago

Not even competition. Next month is coming, any comparisons after the last update will just make people look moronic and desperate comparing the already lackluster PSN with XBL.

Shadow Flare3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

you pm me when your 'king of online' has a 256 player game

to have to pay for your online service

YoungKiller253038d ago

what when twitter and facebook come dude i've been on those since august 2007 dude
sky is an xbox version of playon

Godmars2903038d ago

You mean with all the things conditionally that XBL can do that you've been able to on a PS3? Like facebook and listening to internet radio?

Though for the record, none of that is through PSN.

Noob3038d ago

MS adding services to XBL and only limiting it to gold members when they were free to begin with? Lol have fun with that.

Maddens Raiders3038d ago

using "moronic" and "desperate" when trying to disparage a rrod - free / charge - free system?

Really...? Really?

deadreckoning6663038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


1. Well, I thk people pay for Live because theres this notion that Modern Warfare is better on 360, when in actuallity the only thg that makes Modern Warfare better on 360 is the controller itself.

2. Another, big reason is that odds are most of our friends are on Live since there are more 360s in homes than PS3s. People get Live just to play with their friends.

3. Live has faster download speeds(than PSN at least) and you can use custom soundtracks with every game.

4. Host migration, Netflix, wider selection of movies and tv shows.

Maddens Raiders3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I'm just going to say that I disagree with everything you stated there. Especially the "MW2 is better on 360 because of the controller argument....."

and download speeds...are (((blazing)) fast..just because they are ---> LIVE downloads? (there is so much wrong with this statement)


I did not murder him3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

LOL at the fanboyism. You guys don't own both consoles as I do so your ignorant opinions simply don't matter.

If you don't know why we pay and only think it's only for Multi player you don't have a fucin clue about XBL lol.

Shadow Flare3038d ago

well actually i think you nailed a big reason why alot of people use live. And its cos their friends use it. Honestly in that list of things you made, the one thing i would really like is custom soundtracks in every game. But tbh honest, ps3 has custom soundtracks in most of the games i regularly play, plus i don't think thats actually a Live feature, but a feature of the 360 itself. Netflix would be nice to have but i have a bluray player. And netflix themselves said they were hoping to move onto all consoles. Honestly i don't see why people should pay for Live. PC, ps3 and wii don't charge to play online. The reason MS charge is because they know fans will pay. Kinda sad

Microsoft Xbox 3603038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Owning both consoles does not automatically make you less ignorant or a non-fanboy.

I own both consoles as well but I don't brag about it to validate my comments here on N4G. That's just stupid. In fact, its beyond open zone stupid because you are trying to pass off as if you should be taken seriously. Pleaseeeeee.........

slayorofgods3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

u r calling anyone that likes the PSN moronic, ignorant and fanboys. Then u say u r a neutral gamer with two systems?

Do u see the holes in your argument that make u seem ignorant and how do you have any bubbles left?

Boody-Bandit3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

^ have you no shame at all?

JustTheFactsMam3038d ago

1. Controllers are a user preference. Have nothing to do with Live or PSN

2. There might be more 360's in American homes but that is only part of the equation. More people will join something that is free vs pay. Think Facebook would have as many users if it was $50/year? Of course not. The network effect would be significantly constrained compared to it being free. So you need to rethink some assumptions.

3. Download speed is a function of too many things to say one or the other is faster. Custom soundtracks have nothing to do with on-line.

4. Host migration is a nice feature. It also tells you that XBL games are player hosted servers and not true dedicated servers like PSN. That's partially why PSN can support more on-line players than XBL. PSN can also use player hosted servers. Netflix is available on your PS3 thru PlayOn if you really want it. You can also access content thru the browser. So it's a bit of a wash on the content front.

Ravage273038d ago

none of my friends would be playing online games with me

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Fishy Fingers3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Cant everyone just go back and copy/paste their comments from the last 10 Live Vs PSN articles? Might save some time :)

jack who3038d ago

my friend types so fast on his 360 controller that he has to wait for the message to load, they’re the same as each other. I use a USB keyboard now anyway because I’m cool.

he must be faster than light

S_Leonhart3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


PAY $50=CLICK Disagree


DonCorneo3038d ago

xbl has LAGGY p2p = AGREE
xbl is a rip-off when you can get the same stuff free and it's still laggy p2p= DISAGREE

ShinnokDrako3038d ago

Oh no, another of this articles! Why ppl don't use what they have/what they prefer? Ppl with PS3 use PSN, ppl with 360 use Live. Who has both, uses both... why the comparison is needed?
Jealousy? "Mine is bigger than yours"? Come on...