SCEJ Press Conference Liveblog Coming Tonight

G4: "Wait, you thought Kaz Hirai's keynote was the only thing we'd be covering live from Tokyo Game Show? Well, barring acts of God (or a nonexistent 3G signal in the convention area), I'll be liveblogging from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's press conference during the first press day of TGS!

Will Hirai blurt out all the goodies during his keynote? Will SCEJ get some big announcements? I have no idea what to expect from tomorrow's press conference, but hopefully SCEJ will at least pass me a radio headset so I can hear a translation of the proceedings. Otherwise, expect a lot of smart-ass descriptions of me guessing what executives are pantomiming, since my Japanese vocabulary is marginally better than yours.

Tune in tonight around 9:30pm Pacific (that's 1:30pm Tokyo time on Thursday) to hear the big news coming out of Japan! For now, it's almost 1am, Tokyo time. I'm going to bed."

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TOO PAWNED3223d ago

Why is Sony so awesome? Why?!

Shadow Flare3223d ago

Because they're everything microsoft isn't

kingOVsticks3222d ago

I just want to see if the ps2/dreamcast emulation is true. And the Gt5 date....and the last guardian....and FF13vs ahhh I just want to see it all!

RememberThe3573222d ago

I do often prefer Sony's pressers. They get down to business, and I like that.

Sony: "We're great, we know it and so do you. Here's why..."

morganfell3222d ago

There are plenty of other sites to visit for the live feed besides G4TV, home of the righteous review squad.

josuttis3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"Why is Sony so awesome? Why?!"

* Total console hardware design and manufacturing dominance

* Developer focused support that created the greatest console game library in history with the PS2 because of a "We(Sony) make money by enabling you(the console developer money)" business mindset.

* The genius of Ken Kutagari

* Totally dominant first party developer lineup

* Broad and deep support from console developer across all three major console regions: Japan, US, and Europe

* Free by default as the fundamental Playstation principal. Free access for all, money is made of premium content. Home, PSN

gumgum993222d ago

Because Sony only does Everything!

PROFIT3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

play beyond 54.2%

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MetalGearRising3223d ago

Great another one of those disappointing Conference hosted by Kaz Hirai who will be no doubt demonstrating behind closed doors how to use the Dildo.

PirateThom3222d ago

Is it worse than a behind closed doors demo with a 10 year old boy?

chidori6663222d ago

metalgearrising... *sigh*

you already pwnd for metalgear peace walker... go play your halo sdtv please.

LTC3222d ago

Being a 4 hr game and vastly overated I'm not suprised.

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rCrysis3222d ago

legend of dragoon 2!! or remake =]

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