Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 Trailer

TGS 09: Release Date Trailer

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Natsu X FairyTail3103d ago

Good looking out on the Post. bubbles +

wtf @ 2disagrees you got

KionicWarlord2223103d ago

Some people were offended by my comment.

I will correct myself .

"The best splinter cell : conviction trailer ever"

deadreckoning6663103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

LOL, and they still say Snakes better. Delusion at its best. Great trailer, its coming out earlier than I expected.

@Kionic-Woah, y r you getting so many disagrees???

@stewgart- 1. If Im so annoying, why havent u ignored me yet?

2. Peter North is worse..MUCH worse(If he can talk about Forza in GT5 articles, then I can talk about Snake in Splinter Cell articles) So there..

Sen Sei3103d ago

2010 is looking absolutely phenomenal for the 360.

3103d ago
TheBand1t3103d ago

No, I did not murder him is.

Shadow Flare3103d ago

No, timday5 is
i liked the splinter cell's on the first xbox. This looks pretty cool too

ShabzS3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

pause at 00:24 ... the goggles are back !

speaking of 24 ... sam looks very jack bowerish in this one ... hmm ...

[email protected] Saaking below: yah very, very stealthy dude... NO not really

FlipMode3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Haha dead just had to bring Snake into this, and whats funny is he tries to say PN is worse

"If he can talk about Forza in GT5 articles, then I can talk about Snake in Splinter Cell articles"

What are you 5?? And even so he stays in the open zone, your doing it in the main zone.

3103d ago
Martini3103d ago

Jealous fanboy alert (above)

dreamcast3103d ago

Wow, I didn't know they were still making original X-box games. When will they show the 360 version?

Ok, I'm kidding.. but that was honestly underwhelming. Looks like a GTA4 mod.

xabmol3103d ago

Snake is still way cooler than Sam, and always will be.

This is a Kick azz trailer though. Can't wait for this game!


Stop spouting your BS. Just be happy for THE GAME not THE PLATFORM. Nice to know you're not a gamer, just a "F__B__."

4Sh0w3103d ago

I suggest ignoring those who just like trolling, I still don't understand it, I bet the same ones who say that Halo sucks would say "I'm getting it on PC" if it were available. This site is so screwed up baasicly 360 fans look for any reason to criticize a ps3 game and ps3 fans look for any reason to criticize a 360 game, its all this stupid tit for tat back n forth like 5 yr olds, damm can real gamers just talk about the great games coming out on both.

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Chuck Norris KING3103d ago

really cant wait , looks amazing on pc ..

Pandamobile3103d ago

Yeah the PC version will look awesome.

I did not murder him3103d ago

As long as you buy it and give MSFT money it's all good, just means more games for MSFT supporters assuming you have a gaming rig or a PC capable of gaming.

Unicron3103d ago

See Panda, even if you enjoy PC titles, tools like Murder make it into a console war argument.

I too, will be enjoying the kickass PC version.

Pandamobile3103d ago

I'm not giving Microsoft jack-sh1t. They don't make money off PC game sales unless they themselves publish it.

Well, actually, I really have no problem with Microsoft as a software company, but as a gaming company they suck.

FlipMode3103d ago

Looks like muder doesn't really understand PC gaming.

Unicron3103d ago

I'm fully ready to give Ubisoft my money if this game is as great as it looks. Double Agent was crap, and I'm anxious to see this series set right again.

TheBand1t3103d ago

Thanks for proving you know nothing about PC games.

3103d ago
ReviewsArePolitics3103d ago

Anyway, this is supposed to compete with MGS4? BEST OF LUCK, Ubisoft! You'll need it :)

This game will go to a Sony platform eventually

ginsunuva3103d ago

Why do you care if Microsoft makes more money than they already have?

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swiftshot933103d ago

Slick trailer. The E3 trailer was much better, but its great to finally have a release date. Bioshock, Splinter Cell, and Heavy Rain (if rumors are true) are gonna kill my wallet for Feburary though.

KionicWarlord2223103d ago

2010 might just be the best gaming year on consoles .

36T3103d ago

"2010 might just be the best gaming year on consoles"

I agree with that! I'm dying to play Forza 3 and MW2 though.

3103d ago
militant073103d ago

1- Crackdown 2
3- Halo: Reach
4- Alan Wake
5- Splinter Cell Conviction (also on pc)
6- Mass Effect 2 (also o pc)

looks very strong line up, uswally microsoft start the year with allmost no games and announce them durning the year E3,GDC..etc

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Ninji3103d ago

Personally, I'll wait for the 360 beta to finish and then play the final version when it comes to PS3.

LittleBigSackBoy3103d ago

i'm doing both :) pc and ps3, the way it should be

Jackel20723103d ago

im so happy this game not taking place in the middle east and is instad taking place in the U.S. and E.U.

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