TGS 09: Splinter Cell: Conviction Release Date

Splinter Cell Conviction didn't quite hit its targeted release date of 2009, but those eagerly awaiting Sam Fisher's return won't have to wait much longer. Ubisoft has finally nailed down a date for the release of Splinter Cell Conviction. If you live in the United States, mark your calendars for February 23. Both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game will hit shelves then. Those in Europe will have to wait a couple of extra days.

The added few months of development time is being used for final polishing and tweaking, according to Ubisoft.

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corywebb933164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

MArk your calenders ps3 owners February 23

When the most legendary stealth series makes its triumph return and shows the mgs series how a true masterpiece looks like that has plenty off gameplay and no

9 hour cutscenes like metal gear solid 4

splinter cell is one off the 4 games alan wake splinter cell conviction mass effect 2 and halo reach that will deal the finishing blows to the ps3 and sony and send them all back to the junkyard

SONy owners go back to the hole you all came from when 2010 is over the playstation 3 will be extinct like dinosaurs

PirateThom3164d ago

Will definitely wait for the complete version on PS3 in 2011, no point in buying incomplete games these days.

Pandemic3164d ago

I'm pretty sure GT5 will be the final blow to the Xbox 360...

N4PS3G3164d ago

2011 LOL

oh that was sad

morganfell3164d ago

Ha ha Thom, a true swashbuckling moment.

Aquarius3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Defintely PirateThom why should I allow M$ to rip me off buying expensive DVDs. The game will receive "TONS OF CONTENTS" anyway for PS3.

Most likely to get pushed again. Feburary is crowded as it is. Wow bots have to wait months for a game LOL.

@below you forgot AGENT which M$ gave to us for free ;)

Mr Logic3164d ago

For once try being reasonable. Yes there is no doubt the 360 has an impressive lineup, but 2 (possibly 3 in the future) are coming to PC.
Versus MAG, WKC, GOW, Trico, Motion Controller, R3(most likely), Modnation Racers.

ReviewsArePolitics3164d ago

Good luck with that beta test, I'll get the final version on PS3

vagisil3164d ago

like you waited for the superior version of ninja gaiden 2 right? hey the ps3 version got more content, too bad it is mediocre sh1t.

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BreakNeckSpeed3164d ago

EPIC ! The game looks INSANE !!!

Pandemic3164d ago

Game looks awesome. I'll be buying it for PC. :)

gaffyh3164d ago

I was expecting a march release but nice to see an earlier date. Looking forward to playing it, hopefully february isnt too crowded

Sen Sei3164d ago

Fantastic looking. Getting it for my shiny new Xbox 360 Elite :)

I did not murder him3164d ago

MSFT needs all the support the company can get on all their platforms. More games for gamers and MSFT supporters. MSFT needs people to buy software exclusive to their platforms. So lets all be gamers and talk to PS3 fans in feeling ok with buying non Sony.

TheBand1t3164d ago

Unless it's published as Games for Windows, MS isn't seeing a goddamned dime. Dumbass.

KillaManiac3164d ago

Wonder if a game like this will have mods on PC version.

Would be quite nice....

gaffyh3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

It's really weird that I got disagreed with for saying I was getting the game. Lol fanboys are hilarious, I'm getting it for Xbox 360 you retards.

@1.5 - MS don't make any royalties from PC games, even if they say Games For Windows on them. It's part of the reason why PC games are significantly cheaper than the console games.

FPShooter3164d ago

This game is reason I got my 360 two months ago. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Its a great time to be a gamer

Saaking3164d ago

PC version will be awesome.

The-Warranty3164d ago

lol @ the disagrees he got just for saying M$ doesn't get money if the don't publish it. Which is true.

dreamcast3164d ago

When will they announce the PS3 release date?

I kid, I kid... (but it will happen)

Sarcasm3164d ago

"GOTY Contender"

We're not even out of 2009 yet and you're talking about GOTY 2010

Ahmad-3164d ago

"Hopefully February isn't to crowded."

For 360 it aint

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BreakNeckSpeed3164d ago

Can't wait for some multiplayer details.

militant073164d ago

nice, 360 version for me

N4PS3G3164d ago

of course!

Live + SC Multiplayer = Awesome

Saaking3164d ago

Well personally I'd rather get on PC. Free online + Free mods= win. Sorry, but the 360 version is no doubt inferior especially since you have to pay 50 bucks to play online

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