What's Inside The Downloadable Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo?

Heading to Tokyo Game Show? Don't forget your PSP! Konami is distributing a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo you can keep as a digital souvenir.

The downloadable Peace Walker demo contains three missions.

Tutorial / Opening – 1 Player
This mission includes the introduction of the story, the explanation of the control schematics, and a training session. Recommend for first-time players.

Neutralize the Stronghold – 1 – 2 Players
This is a sneaking mission in which the player must neutralize an enemy stronghold.

Tank Battle – 1 – 4 Players
This mission's goal is the disarmament of the enemy tank and reinforcements. For advanced players.

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3sq3040d ago

Quick, hurry up and torrent it. It's a Demo so it's fine. I'll buy the full game later in 2010.

40cal3039d ago

I played this for about an hour last night and loved everything about it. I guess I missed the tank battle mode as I cant read and don't speak any Japanese.

I was hoping to see more on FF XIII Agito for PSP but a early MGS demo will always do.

Rifle-Man3039d ago

Downloaded. Looking forward to this one.