CVG: Professor Layton And Pandora's Box Review

CVG writes: "Pandora's Box's greatest mystery? Not the sudden death of Layton's former mentor. Nor a train ticket to nowhere. It's not even the eponymous insta-kill box itself. All we want to know is this: what happened to Luke's voice? The boy who put the 'uh?' into 'pra-fess-uh' has taken a turn for the worse. Previously he was Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady bad, now he's gone full Dick Van Dyke cockney.

It's not the most obvious difference, but Layton has changed so little since Curious Village that it stands out. As flummoxed as we were playing their earlier game, the only people Level-5 truly outfoxed were themselves - perfecting the format first time round left little room for tinkering. Layton's back, Luke's back and so is the infernal background accordion. Smother it all with Level-5's dreamy Gallic take on Victorian Britain and you sometimes wonder if you inserted the wrong game cart..."

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