DualShockers Review: Need For Speed: Shift

DualShockers Write:

"Back in it's hay day, The Need For Speed: Series, really was in a class all it's own. It was all about exotic cars and putting the pedal to the medal in the open road. Throughout it's history the game never took the actual racing too seriously, from a technical standpoint at least. Over the years the aging franchise has seen many different iterations, changes, and reboots if you will. The latest reboot in the franchise is by far the best as it brings you back to the essence of racing without all of the filler of the Underground, Most Wanted, and Carbon versions before it. Need For Speed: Shift, I would consider it to be EA's official coming out party as it's intentions it would seem is to face-off against the industry's more serious racers like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport Respectively. It may not have as many cars as those two racing powerhouses, but in my opinion it's definitely much more fun.."

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MostUnfurrowed3252d ago

I was in two minds as to whether or not to get this game, I've not exactly been a fan of the rest of the series. Hell, after this review maybe I will?

DonCorneo3252d ago

if you are expecting a sim game here, then prepare to be disappointed.

iiprotocolii3252d ago

Agreed. Fans of arcade racers will definitely love this.

iiprotocolii3252d ago

The game looks good. Anyone who plays it will know that it's no driving sim like GT5 or Forza. But it definitely has its perks worth giving a shot.

Maddens Raiders3252d ago

whoa...keep opinions to yourself and stick to the facts, especially opinions like this. Anyway...I think I may pick this up along with Dirt2 to tie me over until GT5. I know what I'm getting in each and don't need someone to tell me that it is their opinion, that something is more fun than ___________ .