Uncharted Movie - Dream Cast Announcement

PS3Informer has got the lowdown on the perfect cast for the Uncharted movie.

"As early reviews of Uncharted 2 are coming in, buzz in Hollywood is getting hotter and hotter over an Uncharted movie. Hollywood best listen up if they don't want to mess the movie up. Because we have the perfect cast in mind."

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swingingape3003d ago

Strangely i had the same Nathan in mind whenever i play the game.

tinman_licks3003d ago

Damn that's a good match for Atoq Navarro. I'm excited for the movie now.

N4G king3003d ago

i can see a blockbuster right there
Uncharted is a perfect game to movie

and the good thing is
Uncharted's IP is owned by sony
so if any other Company made the move
Sony still going to get crap load of money of it

any way
Uncharted movie
god of war movie
metal gear movie ( konami but the game made its name by the PS brand )

good for sony

jammy_703003d ago

- best 360 games -
gears - good game - no movie....
halo - meh - no movie....

then you get to ps3 games
- uncharted and metal gear - into a movie

ps3 ftw

eagle213003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

I like these choices but I have one more dude who can play Nathan Drake. Does anyone watch the ABC show Brothers & Sister's? Well the guy who plays Justin Walker is named Dave Annable. He looks alot like Drake. Emily Rose was also on Brother's & Sisters.

The dude to right of the girl in yellow:

Mr Logic3003d ago

I could totally see the studio picking Brendan Fraser to play Drake. *shudder*

KingsofOmega3003d ago

Emily Rose is pretty hot.

Fap fap fap....

nycredude3003d ago

There is no need for a movie as the game will be better than any movie they can cook up. I'll welcome one anyway, but it will be wierd to see Nathan and not be able to control him, probably just make me want to go home and play the game.

Shadow Flare3003d ago

did anyone else read the title and think the dreamcast was involved in the story? But this article has a pretty good line up of choices

Silellak3003d ago

Anyone other than Nathan Fillian as Nathan Drake would be a crime.

gaffyh3003d ago

Lol gotta give credit to the article writer, nice title.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3003d ago

If you've seen anything he's done, particularly Firefly/Serenity, you know he is essentially Nathan Drake. I've even started watching that Castle show just because of him. If they go with anybody but him in this role I think its a clear sign that this will be another Hollywood cash-in crapfest.

And lol at the article's title. I thought it was a 2for1 story deal.

ThanatosDMC3003d ago

I say make the movie using the in-engine of U2 and cast the same voice actor plus other people. We all know how most game movies turn out to be...

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MGOelite3003d ago

joe flannigan would have made a 10x better drake

swingingape3003d ago

Except Fillion has a bigger name. That's Hollywood

gunnerforlife3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

peach perfect for drake:) that guy made me lol in serenity:D

edit: at below:S:S now that i did not know, u know who the cast is.

Mr Logic3003d ago

This whole article makes no sense. The Uncharted film has been in production for over 1.5 years so the cast is already chosen.

Rocket Sauce3003d ago

They only recently hired somebody, Kyle Ward, to write a script. So no cast yet.

Mr Logic3003d ago

Well then. Wikipedia is way off.

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Dutch Boogie3003d ago

Hope they don't mess this up. Can't wait to see what they make of it.

tinman_licks3003d ago

I smell train wreck for the movie though. Doom or Tombraider anyone?

El Botto3003d ago

You can make new stories and new treasure hunts each time. Like Indiana Jones except without the cheese, the B story quality, the ridiculous actors and George "franchise destroyer" Lucas.

I say bring on Uncharted the movie. Nathan Drake is the new Indiana Jones.

jack_burt0n3003d ago

Article is PURE fu**ing win now if they manage to get the rest of the firefly/serenity team not that hard as they already have the composer they need to get whedon to direct it come on avi arad make it happen!!

swingingape3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

You're right. Firely and serenity were the sh!t man. So psyched about this. Hope whedon does jump on it. Has anybody heard if it's true?

jack_burt0n3003d ago

all i know is the composer on uncharted 2 who went to skywakler sound to do the recordings, did the whole series of firefly and is good friends with fillion and has praised it to him.

If whedon "gets" the uncharted vibe I am sure he would want a crack at it but someone said he likes to write his own stuff anyhow the fact that avi is producing it means he will get what he wants.

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