GamePro: Demon's Souls Review

GamePro writes:

"Tae K. Kim's Avatar Will had been acting a bit odd lately and we attributed it to the fact that he sits next to McKinley on a daily basis; we just assumed McKs weirdness had started to infiltrate Wills immune system. But then we realized that it was all due to his descent into the twisted, masochistic nightmare known as Demons Souls. Its sort of like dating a really hot girl whose crazy -- you know you shouldn't go anywhere near her but damn it, you really love her and you cant help but go back for more, even if you end up regretting it later. In short, you'll have a blast but youll pay a heavy price for it sooner or later."

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WildArmed3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

maan i cant wait for this game to come out!

Too many games to pick up this fall.
I gotta go sort out my list :(

'Your inner diehard will thank you, but casual gamers should stay far, far away. You've been warned.'
lol.... reminds me of the old Ninja Gaiden Black reviews.

DonCorneo3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

lower than fable 2.

so what if it's not for everyone. you rate a game based on what i tries to accomplish. if you suck at this game, your at fault -- not the game's.

if you really don't like it, then that's fine. but giving it a lower score than the inferior gayble 2 is simply unfair.

that's just BS.

if you agree, give me bubbles.

bunbun7773246d ago

a game was rated based on "what it tries to accomplish" then they would all get 10's.

Most Reviews are shallow in my opinion, whether this is indicative of the readers or the reviewers or both, I don't know.

N4G should get some sort of round table review session like a super mini meta-- where you have to be peer reviewed and where reviews focus on basic criteria, it may sound boring but if equal points are addressed across the board, maybe this would at least provide another source that is hopefully non bias regarding what one reviewer looks for compared to another.

*Wha? Sry I musta dozed off i think I was having a dream*

DonCorneo3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

what i said is demon's soul is not for everyone, it's as hard as heck and it shouldn't get low scores just because it's hard as heck. that's what the developers want: an unforgiving hardcore rpgs.

now if a developer, tries to accomplish a crappy, rehashed DLC like ODST and pass it as a full game as its goal, then the score should be lowered.

you see the difference? there is nothing wrong in making a difficult game.

nycredude3246d ago

What price do you pay for playing this game that they are refering to besides the price you pay FOR the game? I don't get it... Maybe they mean that you will lose hours upon hours of your life... Oh well. Whatever.

I am kind of sick of hearing review talk about if you are a casual gamer, blah blah. There is no such a thing as a casual Ps3 gamer who read reviews! If you are reading reviews then you forfeit your right to be called a casual gamer.

IMO this game is more than an 8 but I guess the reviewer is one of these "casual" gamers he is talking about. Are they reviewing this for the casual crowd or hardcore? Maybe they should start give two scores, one for casual and one for hardcore, otherwise why bring up the casual crowd argument at all!?

bunbun7773246d ago

I think and who really knows.... but there are some reviewers that like back in school, put off their homework until the last minute. Like any job, even playing games and reviewing them equals a paycheck....maybe some of these guys are either burned out, distracted, or just not that hard core, maybe they like to go home and play Parcheesi.

This game is special-- not because of the difficulty, but because it gives gamers that love killing monsters the tools to do it without giving them lip service, without making you feel conformed to a battle or class system, without having to make you feel like you are just along for the ride.

If you can't hack it, don't play it, that doesn't make the game bad or you.

I can't wait-- did I mention I love Monster Hunter?! oh this is gonna be good.

callahan093246d ago

Absolutely ridiculous paragraph in that teaser for the review. What price do you pay? It's a fun game, really deep, quite satisfying. That's all I know. There is no punishment or regret about it.

They give this a 4 out of 5, and they gave the totally underwhelming Ninja Blade a perfect 5? GamePro's opinions are weird.