Director's Cut coming to Resident Evil 5

Voice actress confirms that Capcom is developing a director's cut version of Resident Evil 5.

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Gabe EatsWell3097d ago

Director's Cut - Jill and Josh scenario before they got to Chris and Sheva during the final boss.

-GoldenTimeLover-3097d ago

Agreed. That's what I'm thinking too.

WildArmed3097d ago

or this time around they are gonna have a total nude custome for Sheva -.-
Considering they didnt hold back in the regular version

LittleBigSackBoy3097d ago

soooooooo...i have to re buy it?

gaffyh3097d ago

I'm thinking the same thing, and I'm quite annoyed.

cheapndirty3097d ago

I hate it when companies double dip. Cant they just DLC it. This is why I rarely buy AAA games the first 12 months they are out. I have not RE5 and was wanting it for 39.99 but now I will wait for sure.

Tony P3096d ago

Damn good question these days.

I think a better question is: will it also be available as DLC?

I'm reminded of the Witcher Enhanced Edition and Director's Cut. You could either buy the box with some extras or download it free if you already bought and registered the the regular edition. Ok, I don't expect other devs to give new stuff for free. But please, at least consider DLC. There's no good reason people who already bought the game should have to pay full price for "Final Mix" type content these days.

Information Minister3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

We probably will have to rebuy it. Personally I am extremely disappointed at the way Capcom is treating it's costumers with RE5. The content that should be included in the game from the start is being sold as DLC and the content that that should be sold as DLC is being included in a new version of the game (most likely at full-price).

That's why these days I always think twice before buying anything from Capcom (still holding out on SF4).

Christopher3096d ago

Yeah, if it's not DLC, I'm not going to buy it. I didn't find that it held up to RE4 overall. Now, if they put out an HD version of RE4 with some trophy support and possible other goodies...

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Perjoss3096d ago

I'm one of the few people that had no problems with the controls and loved the game to bits, replayed it many times already. Sure it wasn't a true horror game like previous RE's but it was still great.

Gamer_Politics3097d ago

well i'm not buying it again...still have my reg copy.

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The story is too old to be commented.